2013-06-04  James Jong[CB-3551] Correct boolean opts for camera tests 2.8.x 161/head 2.8.0
2013-05-29  Ian Clelland[CB-2200] Remove test dependency on deprecated device... 2.8.0rc1
2013-05-28  Andrew GrieveAdd missing license headers found by RAT
2013-05-27  Max WoghirenRevert "changed document.write to use document.createEl...
2013-05-23  Ian Clelland[CB-2789] Updating mobile-spec capture API tests to...
2013-05-23  Andrew GrieveSet VERSION to 2.8.0rc1
2013-05-22  Jesse MacFadyenchanged document.write to use document.createElement...
2013-05-21  Bryan Higgins[CB-3399] Treat BB10 as separate platform from BBOS...
2013-05-15  lorinbeer[CB-3402] rename of bin directory, bin is a reserved...
2013-05-08  Andrew Grieve[CB-3307] Change cordova-VERSION.js to cordova.js.
2013-05-02  Shazron Abdullah[CB-2909] Camera manual test for DATA_URL does not...
2013-04-30  Andrew GrieveSet VERSION to "dev" on master.
2013-04-29  Shazron AbdullahUpdated version to 2.7.0
2013-04-29  Andrew Grieve[CB-3295] Add assertions for InAppBrowser load events
2013-04-23  Max Woghiren[CB-3220] Fixed CompassHeading test for no params.
2013-04-20  Andrew GrieveAdd an iframe with an invalid URL to test CDVWebViewDel...
2013-04-20  Shazron AbdullahUpdated version to 2.7.0rc1 2.7.0rc1
2013-04-18  Andrew GrieveFix InAppBrowser error case tests to specify target...
2013-04-18  Andrew GrieveFix style & script injection tests for InAppBrowser
2013-04-18  Andrew GrieveLog all InAppBrowser events in its test page.
2013-04-16  Andrew Grieve[CB-2166] Test listening for deviceready before cordova...
2013-04-08  lorinbeer[CB-2913] squashed commits of toetag script, tags jasmi...
2013-04-04  Ian Clelland[CB-2305] Validate InAppBrowser executeScript/injectCSS...
2013-04-04  Shazron AbdullahUpdated version to 2.6.0
2013-04-02  lorinbeer[CB-2899] removed debug statement causing a bunch of...
2013-04-01  James Jong[CB-2600] match case for cordova.ios.js
2013-03-29  lorinbeerMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master'
2013-03-27  timkim[CB-2600] - fix for old blackberry
2013-03-27  lorinbeer[CB-2793] added definition and display of default value...
2013-03-27  timkimMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2013-03-27  Andrew Grieve[CB-1517] Add an assertion that < progre...
2013-03-27  Ian Clelland[CB-1517] [CB-1518] Add spec test for gzip-encoded...
2013-03-27  Ian Clelland[CB-2226] Add spec test for FileTransfer.abort error...
2013-03-23  Ian Clelland[CB-2305] Add spec tests for InAppBrowser.insertCSS...
2013-03-21  Fil Maj2.6.0rc1 2.6.0rc1
2013-03-21  mbillauCB-2680 - Add prompt dialog to Notification API
2013-03-21  Shazron Abdullah[CB-2729] write mobile-spec tests to handle basic auth...
2013-03-20  Michal MocnyMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-20  Michal Mocny[CB-2600] Adding support for more platforms
2013-03-20  Ian Clelland[CB-2308] Add Spec tests for InAppBrowser error channel
2013-03-20  Ian ClellandAdd to whitelist docs (for InAppBrowser...
2013-03-20  Shazron AbdullahFix FileTransfer 404 test
2013-03-15  Andrew GrieveRefactor FileReader / FileWriter tests to not use ...
2013-03-14  Jesse MacFadyen[ALL] catch exception trying to xhr to local file to...
2013-03-14  Max Woghiren[CB-1689] Added a camera direction dropdown.
2013-03-14  Max Woghiren[CB-1933] Added a test for confirmation dialogs.
2013-03-07  Andrew GrieveRemove unreferenced function in camera/index.html
2013-03-06  Andrew GrieveFew more tweaks to camera test page.
2013-03-05  Andrew GrieveRewrite of camera mobile spec page.
2013-03-05  Andrew GrieveCSS tweaks.
2013-03-04  Braden ShepherdsonAdd auto tests for readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer
2013-03-04  Michal Mocnyremoving console log, sorry
2013-03-04  Michal MocnyMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-04  Michal MocnyFixing issue with mobile spec not loading js when PLATF...
2013-03-01  Andrew Grieve[CB-2389] Add test for an iframe load after main onload
2013-02-28  Michal MocnySupport loading platform cordova.js files if available
2013-02-27  James JongCB-2548 Add back button to splash screen test
2013-02-26  Fil MajMerge branch 'next'
2013-02-26  Fil Maj2.5.0 2.5.0
2013-02-22  Fil MajShould resolve CB-1478. Added XHR and FileReader benchm...
2013-02-22  Fil Majusing uubench for autobenching
2013-02-22  Fil Majstart of autobench stuff
2013-02-21  Max Woghiren[CB-2411] Added a popover repositioning test.
2013-02-19  Fil Maj2.5.0rc1 2.5.0rc1
2013-02-15  Fil MajCB-2331: adding "body" property on FileTransferError...
2013-02-15  Andrew GrieveAdd a test page for splashscreen.
2013-02-15  Andrew GrieveAdd a test page with iframes
2013-02-13  Andrew GrieveDetect Blob create failure in supporting platforms.
2013-02-12  Andrew Grieve[CB-2095] Add test for incomplete file when FileTransfe...
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added check for NATIVE_URI constant.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added Android-specific test results.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added native URI display tests.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added a test for FileTransfer.upload.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added specific expected error checking.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added a test for getParent.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added tests for write and truncate.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added tests for copyTo and moveTo.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added three new tests to Camera.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added a new test for getMetadata.
2013-02-12  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added a new test for readAsDataURL.
2013-02-08  Fil MajCB-2049: use new audio file for audio tests (Jesse...
2013-02-07  Andrew Grievefix typo in camera manual test (oops)
2013-02-07  Andrew GrieveAdd an manual test for FileTransfer
2013-02-06  Andrew Grieve[CB-2388] Fixes blob test failing when unsupported
2013-02-04  Fil Majstart of moving/rename for benchmarks 2.4.0
2013-02-04  Jesse MacFadyenupdate another ref to a cordova.js rc
2013-02-04  Jesse MacFadyenupdate version for 2.4.0
2013-02-04  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2013-02-04  Jesse MacFadyenadd test for generic CELL connection type
2013-01-28  Becky GibsonAdded inAppBrowser test helper
2013-01-24  Andrew GrieveAdd some links to InAppBrowser test page.
2013-01-21  Fil MajTagging 2.4.0rc1 2.4.0rc1
2013-01-21  Max Woghiren[CB-2235] Encoded spaces to fix a test.
2013-01-18  Andrew GrieveAdd a manual test for <input type=file>.
2013-01-18  Andrew GrieveAdd User-Agent display and PDF test to InAppBrowser
2013-01-17  Andrew GrieveRemove query param from file:/// test.
2013-01-16  Michal MocnyMake ArrayBuffer benchmark in bytes, and wrap calls...
2013-01-15  Andrew GrieveAdd manual test for lazy-loading of cordova.js
2013-01-15  Max Woghiren[CB-2213] Added a test for NATIVE_URI.
2013-01-15  Andrew GrieveAdd autotest for fetching file:/// with FileTransfer.