2014-01-22  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.4.0-rc1 (via coho) 3.4.0-rc1
2014-01-15  Andrew GrieveUse --searchpath in and updaten...
2014-01-11  Andrew GrieveRemove debugging log statements
2014-01-10  Andrew GrieveCB-5631 Add FileTransfer test for progress.loaded being...
2014-01-09  Andrew GrieveCB-5602 Windows8. Fix File Api mobile spec tests
2014-01-08  ldelucaCB-3481: Fixed the compass not supported issue
2014-01-08  Jesse MacFadyenRevert "Merge branch 'CB-5602' of
2014-01-08  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5602' of
2014-01-07  Andrew GrieveMore tweaks to
2014-01-07  Andrew GrieveUse the new --link flag in
2014-01-03  Marcel KinardCB-5300: add descriptions of expected test results
2013-12-23  Andrew GrieveCB-5697 Add a reload button to misc->hash subpage
2013-12-23  Andrew GrieveCB-4330 Add test pages that change hashes
2013-12-21  Andrew GrieveMade exec benchmark more awesome by having it able...
2013-12-20  Andrew GrieveSplit exec benchmark into a subpage.
2013-12-20  Andrew GrieveUse setImmediate in exec bridge benchmark instead of...
2013-12-19  lmnbeyondCB-5676 Fix file.spec.109:Can't find variable: fileName
2013-12-16  Ian ClellandCB-5403: Test backwards compatibility with file://...
2013-12-13  Ian ClellandAdd backwards-compatibility tests for filetransfer
2013-12-13  Ian ClellandCB-5466: Replace FS URLs in file-transfer tests
2013-12-13  Andrew GrieveCB-5594 Added IAB test for disallowoverscroll option.
2013-12-13  Andrew GrieveCB-5595 Add test case for IAB's toolbarposition=top...
2013-12-12  Bryan HigginsCB-5637 [BlackBerry10] Skip tests for features not...
2013-12-10  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5358' of
2013-12-10  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5214' of
2013-12-09  sgrebnovsync with cordova-plugin-file tests definition 42/head
2013-12-04  Ian ClellandCB-5466: Revert: we're not ready yes for FS urls in...
2013-12-04  sgrebnovCB-5358 Make mobile spec tests on Windows8 to run w... 41/head
2013-12-04  sgrebnovcorrect way to detect windows phone (both 7/8) 40/head
2013-12-04  sgrebnovCB-5214 Make mobile spec tests on WP8 to run w/o user...
2013-12-03  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.4.0-dev (via coho)
2013-12-03  Ian ClellandCB-5404: Change filename shared between two file tests
2013-11-27  Steven Gilladded amazon-fireos to platforms
2013-11-22  Ian ClellandCB-5404: Fix three tests that were sensitive to existin...
2013-11-22  Ian ClellandCB-5466: Use URLs rather than full paths in file transf...
2013-11-22  Ian ClellandCB-5403: Remove test for undocumented File API quirks
2013-11-18  Ian ClellandCB-5405: Remove test that doesn't make sense for filesy...
2013-11-17  Ian ClellandCB-5405: Update tests to work with URL paths in File...
2013-11-15  Ian ClellandCB-5404: Add test for actually reading directory contents
2013-11-15  Ian ClellandCB-5404: Fix fragile file tests
2013-11-11  Bryan HigginsAdd author to config.xml
2013-11-06  Marcel KinardFix non-functional typo.
2013-10-30  Shazron AbdullahCB-5222 - add check for Keyboard plugin being installed
2013-10-30  Shazron AbdullahCB-5222 - ios - Add manual mobile-spec tests for Keyboa...
2013-10-29  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.3.0-dev (via coho)
2013-10-24  Andrew GrieveCB-5193 Update manual SQL test to open multiple databas...
2013-10-23  Ian ClellandCB-5129: Add tests for the filesystem attribute on...
2013-10-19  timkimSmall fix for plugin dependency engine tag
2013-10-16  Carlos SantanaMerge branch 'CB-5104' of 39/head
2013-10-16  Carlos SantanaCB-5104 add test case for device.cordova value
2013-10-16  Carlos SantanaCB-5104 add test case for device.cordova value
2013-10-15  James JongCB-5035 wait to prevent test interference
2013-10-11  James JongCB-5012 update accel timestamp test
2013-10-11  James JongCB-5012 fix accel numbering for debugging
2013-10-10  Andrew GrieveCB-3747 Add IAB test with a <video>
2013-10-03  David KempCB-4969 : media.spec.12 fails with 0 position
2013-10-01  David Kemp[CB-4898] Prepare for Medic plugin
2013-10-01  David Kemp[CB-4956] Change mobilespec dependencies to remove...
2013-09-24  David KempCB-4894 handle correctly when geolocation not available
2013-09-20  David KempCB 4878 - media tests should wait for file load 38/head
2013-09-20  David KempCB4662, CB4879 cleanup errors in file tests
2013-09-20  purplecabbageadded test for onload being called, as well as multiple...
2013-09-18  Andrew Grieve[CB-4857] Fix plugin id of dependent plugin (AudioHandl...
2013-09-16  Andrew GrieveSet VERSION to 3.2.0-dev (via coho)
2013-09-11  timkim[CB-4488] - refactored manual capture test
2013-09-10  timkim[CB-4488] - added some manual capture tests
2013-09-03  Andrew GrieveUpdate setup instructions.
2013-08-28  purplecabbageadded tests for hash routes like #some/path and ./index...
2013-08-27  purplecabbageadded missing test page, only run windows phone tests...
2013-08-27  lmnbeyondAdd backButton for autobench.html
2013-08-27  lmnbeyond[CB-4568] Disable pop-up messages when running test...
2013-08-22  purplecabbageadded tests for using XHR to load local files
2013-08-16  Andrew GrieveAdd globalization back to autotest's All page.
2013-08-13  Andrew GrieveFix location manual test to work with 3.0
2013-08-09  Ian Clelland[CB-3616] Change option name to "clearcache" to match...
2013-08-09  Ian Clelland[CB-3616] Add manual tests for InAppBrowser cache-clearing
2013-08-02  Andrew GrieveFix exec benchmark to use correct "echo" symbol.
2013-08-02  Andrew GrieveWork around CLI failing during
2013-08-01  David Kemp[CB-4473] submit Android Bridge performance results
2013-07-22  David Kemp[CB-4281] Adding echo plugin after breakout
2013-07-22  David Kemp[CB-4279] Bridge test now generic and tests available...
2013-07-17  Andrew GrieveAdd missing license header to config.xml
2013-07-17  Andrew GrieveAdd script to create a mobilespec project using local...
2013-07-16  Max Woghiren[CB-4264] Fixed a DirectoryReader test.
2013-07-15  Ian Clelland[CB-4094] Add some new whitelist tests: Ports, credenti...
2013-07-12  Ian ClellandRemove deprecated API namespace references
2013-07-11  Ian Clelland[CB-4094] Add whitelist spec tests
2013-07-11  Ian Clelland[CB-4094] Add whitelist API plugin
2013-07-10  Andrew GrievePart 2 - Don't check the error type in the badUrl filet...
2013-07-10  Andrew GrieveDon't check the error type in the badUrl filetransfer...
2013-07-09  Andrew GrieveFix require path for camera manual test
2013-07-09  Ian Clelland[CB-4093] Switch whitelist to use wildcards
2013-07-09  Ian ClellandUpdate id of media plugin to match its plugin.xml
2013-07-09  David KempCB-4130 : changed test to be independent of newline
2013-07-08  Max Woghiren[CB-4017] Added a DirectoryReader test.
2013-07-04  David KempAdded missing platform and media plugin
2013-07-04  Bryan Higgins[CB-4075] Add scheme to access origin attributes in...
2013-07-04  Fil Maj[CB-4068] tweak callback waiting msg.
2013-07-04  Fil Maj[CB-4063] Missing waitsFor call in file.spec.46.
2013-07-04  Fil Maj[CB-4062] Fix for test that does not wait properly.