2014-05-19  Piotr ZalewaMerge branch 'initial' of
2014-05-15  Jesse MacFadyenCB-4519, CB-4520 low+critical weren't firing when level...
2014-05-01  Rodrigo SilveiraUpdated documentation. Added support for mozBattery. 11/head
2014-05-01  Richard SentinoCB-5611 firefoxos: battery-status plugin
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-04-29  ldelucaLisa testing pulling in plugins for plugin: cordova...
2014-04-29  ldelucaLisa testing pulling in plugins for plugin: cordova...
2014-04-17  Ian ClellandCB-6452 Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2014-04-17  Ian ClellandCB-6452 Updated version and for release... 0.2.8 r0.2.8
2014-04-17  Ian ClellandCB-6465: Add license headers to Tizen code
2014-04-16  Ian ClellandCB-6460: Update license headers
2014-02-27  Andrew GrieveAdd NOTICE file
2014-02-06  Steven GillCB-5980 Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2014-02-06  Steven GillCB-5980 Updated version and for release... 0.2.7 r0.2.7
2014-01-28  Anis KadriMerge branch 'tizen' of
2014-01-09  Andrew GrieveDelete stale test/ directory
2014-01-02  Andrew GrieveCB-5719 Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2014-01-02  Andrew GrieveCB-5719 Updated version and for release... 0.2.6 r0.2.6
2013-12-31  Salvatore IoveneAdd Tizen plugin. 7/head
2013-12-19  Andrew GrieveFix typo in docs H2 -> H3
2013-12-18  Michael Brooks[CB-5658] Update license comment formatting of doc...
2013-12-18  Michael Brooks[CB-5658] Remove Apache license comment from
2013-12-18  Andrew GrieveFix up Markdown license to actually be in comments.
2013-12-18  Andrew GrieveCB-5658 Add doc/ for Battery Status.
2013-12-18  Andrew GrieveCB-5658 Delete stale snapshot of plugin docs
2013-12-04  Steven Gill[CB-5565] Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2013-12-04  Steven Gill[CB-5565] Updated version and for relea... 0.2.5 r0.2.5
2013-12-03  Jesse MacFadyenMerged WP8 support for level, but #def'd it out so...
2013-12-03  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5243' of
2013-12-02  Steven Gilladded ubuntu support
2013-11-01  fupw_pcwp8 add support in level 4/head
2013-10-30  Archana Naik1. Updated platform name amazon->amazon-fireos. Deleted... 6/head
2013-10-28  Steven GillCB-5188:
2013-10-28  Steven GillMerge branch 'dev' 0.2.4 r0.2.4
2013-10-25  Steven GillCB-5188:Updated version and for release...
2013-10-21  Steven GillCB-5128: added repo + issue tag to plugin.xml for batte...
2013-09-29  Maxim Ermilovadd ubuntu platform
2013-09-26  Steven Gill[CB-4915] Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2013-09-26  Steven GillMerge branch 'dev' 0.2.3 r0.2.3
2013-09-25  Steven Gill[CB-4915] Updated version and for relea...
2013-09-25  Anis KadriCB-4889 bumping&resetting version
2013-09-21  Anis Kadriupdating version from dev
2013-09-21  Anis KadriCB-4889 renaming org.apache.cordova.core.battery-status...
2013-09-21  Anis Kadrireverting on master
2013-09-21  Anis KadriCB-4889 renaming org.apache.cordova.core.battery-status...
2013-09-06  Andrew GrieveMerge branch 'master' into dev
2013-09-06  Andrew GrieveMerge branch 'dev'
2013-09-06  Andrew Grieve[CB-4752] Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2013-09-06  Andrew Grieve[CB-4752] Updated version and changelog
2013-08-20  lorinbeer[CB-4432] copyright notice change
2013-08-20  lorinbeer[CB-4432] copyright notice change
2013-08-19  Steven GillCB-4595: updated version
2013-08-14  Steven Gillreverted name element to be human readable
2013-08-14  Andrew Grieve[CB-4417] Move cordova-plugin-battery-status to its...
2013-08-14  Steven Gillupdated namespace
2013-08-14  Steven Gillupdated name tag and readme
2013-08-06  Hardeep Shoker[plugin.xml] standardizing license + meta 1/head
2013-08-06  Hardeep Shoker[license] adding apache license file
2013-07-30  Anis Kadriupdating plugin.xml with registry data
2013-07-18  Steven Gillupdated readme
2013-07-16  Jesse MacFadyenignore stuff
2013-07-10  Andrew Grieve[CB-4038] - Remove o.a.c.api namespace
2013-07-08  Jesse MacFadyen[CB-4109] Remove dupe code
2013-06-28  Andrew GrieveRemove xmlns:android, fix plugin id
2013-06-24  Benn Mapes[CB-3674] first pass wp8 support
2013-06-21  lorinbeer[CB-3672] blackberry 10 battery plugin breakout
2013-06-17  Fil Majfixing invalid xml.
2013-05-28  Benn Mapesfirst pass at wp7 support
2013-05-21  Steven Gillupdated clobber target
2013-05-21  Steven Gilladded docs, tests and updated plugin.xml
2013-05-16  hermwongadded Cordova-JS battery apis, iOS native classes ...
2013-04-01  Joe BowserInitial Commit