2013-05-14  Steven Gillshould be working
2013-05-14  Steven Gilltesting
2013-05-13  Steven Gillupdated requirejs reference
2013-05-13  Steven Gillattempt two at updating plugin.xml
2013-05-13  Steven Gillupdated plugin.xml to use feature
2013-05-13  hermwongupdate require path to Acceleration class
2013-04-30  Steven Gillupdated tests to use dev for version
2013-04-30  hermwongadded Acceleration & accelerometer code from Cordova...
2013-04-30  hermwongremoved redundant code
2013-04-25  hermwongadded <js-module> config to plugin.xml
2013-04-25  Steven Gilladded docs
2013-04-25  Steven Gillmoved device-motion.js
2013-04-25  hermwongfixed indentation plugin.xml
2013-04-25  hermwongstub in accelerometer js functions
2013-04-24  Steven Gillupdated CDVPlugin reference for iOS
2013-04-24  Steven Gillupdated plugin.xml errors
2013-04-24  Steven Gillupdated ios directories in plugin.xml
2013-04-24  Steven Gillupdated plugin.xml to work with updated plugman
2013-04-24  Steven Gillfixed merge issues
2013-04-23  hermwongadded iOS accelerometer code
2013-04-23  Steven Gilladded tests folder
2013-04-23  Steven Gillupdated id attribute
2013-03-20  Steven Gillupdated device motion plugin
2013-03-19  Steven GillInitial commit