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2015-12-01  RitzlgrmftProperty manufacturer documented 44/head
2015-10-29  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'feature-add-is-simulator-for-windows...
2015-10-27  Philipp KursaweAdd `isVirtual` for Windows 8.x (Phone) platforms
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2015-07-18  JordanUpdated documentation to mention backwards compatibility 36/head 86/head
2015-07-18  JordanUpdated README to reflect new behaviour and quirks...
2015-07-09  Andy Chenadd isSimulator for iOS & Android device 35/head
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2015-06-02  Raymond CamdenAttempts to corrent npm markdown issue 85/head
2015-06-01  Gabriel DumitrescuAdded basic Android support for hardware serial number 23/head
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