2016-02-09  Vladimir KotikovCB-10557 Updated version and for releas... 4.1.x 4.1.1 rel/4.1.1
2016-02-07  t1st3chore: edit package.json license to match SPDX id 161/head
2016-01-26  sgrebnovCB-10419 cordova-plugin-file 4.0.0 error with browserif...
2016-01-16  Steve GillCB-10368 Incremented plugin version. 158/head
2016-01-16  Steve GillCB-10368 Updated version and for releas... 4.1.0 rel/4.1.0
2016-01-15  Steve Gilladded .ratignore file
2016-01-11  riknollCB-10319 android: Adding reflective helper methods... 155/head
2015-12-08  Tim BarhamCB-10023 Fix "proxy not found error" on Chrome. 152/head
2015-12-01  Steve GillCB-10035 Incremented plugin version.
2015-11-21  Jesse MacFadyenCB-8863 [ios] Fix block usage of self 150/head
2015-11-19  Steve GillCB-10035 fixed markdown link 4.0.0
2015-11-19  Steve GillCB-10035 linked issues in
2015-11-19  Steve GillCB-10035 Updated version and for releas...
2015-11-18  Steve Gillremoved r prefix from tags
2015-11-18  Steve GillCB-10035 Updated RELEASENOTES to be newest to oldest
2015-11-17  riknollMerge remote-tracking branch 'jasongin/CB-8497'
2015-11-14  Simon MacDonaldDo not inject default AndroidPersistentFileLocation...
2015-11-13  Jason GinchereauCB-8497 Fix handling of file paths with # character 149/head
2015-11-12  Jason GinchereauCB-9891: Fix permission errors due to URI encoding... 148/head
2015-11-09  arobersonFixed typo in change. This closes #119
2015-11-09  arobersonFixed NullPointer Exception in Android 5 and above...
2015-11-06  Jason GinchereauFix default persistent file location
2015-11-05  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'windows_paths' of
2015-11-05  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-9851' of
2015-11-05  ghenry22fix applicationDirectory to use ms-appx:/// 143/head
2015-11-04  riknollMerge remote-tracking branch 'jasongin/CB-9752'
2015-11-03  ghenry22add missing path and docs
2015-10-30  Jason GinchereauCB-7253: requestFileSystem fails when no external stora... 145/head
2015-10-28  Jason GinchereauFix CB-9752: getDirectory fails on valid directory... 144/head
2015-10-28  Joe BowserAdded a check for File Write
2015-10-28  Joe Bowserupdated the engine tag
2015-10-28  Joe BowserAdding permissions, giving read seems to give write...
2015-10-28  ghenry22fix docs
2015-10-28  ghenry22fix docs formatting
2015-10-28  ghenry22update docs for windows platform details
2015-10-28  ghenry22fix
2015-10-28  ghenry22Add windows paths to cordova.file object
2015-10-23  Dmitry BlotskyActually fixing the contribute link.
2015-10-23  Dmitry BlotskyFixing contribute link.
2015-10-23  dasergeCB-9851 Document cdvfile protocol quirk - using cdvfile... 141/head
2015-10-21  Jesse MacFadyenDuplicate: Close #115
2015-10-21  Jesse MacFadyenInvalid: Close #110
2015-10-21  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'master' of
2015-10-20  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2015-10-20  Jesse MacFadyenCB-9331 getFreeDiskSpace iOS. Close #125 Close #138 140/head
2015-10-20  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'add-jira-link' of
2015-10-19  Jesse MacFadyenadded back newline
2015-10-19  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-9763' of
2015-10-07  vladimirFail with FileError.ENCODING_ERR on encoding exception. 137/head
2015-09-21  Tommy Tangoverride resolveLocalFileSystemURL by webkitResolveLoca... 133/head
2015-09-10  Julien Bouquillonadd JIRA issue tracker link 132/head
2015-08-27  Tobias BocanegraCB-9544 Add file plugin for OSX (closes #130)
2015-08-26  Tobias BocanegraCB-9544 Add file plugin for OSX
2015-08-26  Tobias BocanegraCB-9544 Add file plugin for OSX
2015-08-26  Tobias Bocanegra@trivial - typo
2015-08-24  alsorokinCB-9539 Fixed test failure on Android emulator 129/head
2015-08-19  dasergeAdded docs on CSP rules needed for using cdvfile in...
2015-08-19  dasergeAdded cdvfile protocol purpose description and examples
2015-08-18  Steve GillCB-9504 Incremented plugin version.
2015-08-18  Steve GillCB-9463 Updated version and for release... 3.0.0 r3.0.0
2015-08-12  Simon MacDonaldMake Android default persistent file location internal 127/head
2015-08-04  Suraj PindoriaFixed issue with file paths not existing when using... 128/head
2015-08-04  Victor SosaCB-9444 cordova-plugin-file documentation translation...
2015-07-07  Jesse MacFadyenremove travis-ci integration 123/head
2015-07-07  Joe BowserCB-9251: Changed from Intents to Preferences object...
2015-07-02  Shazron AbdullahCB-9265 - mobilespec crashses on iPhone 6 Simulator
2015-06-18  dasergeCB-9215 Add cordova-plugin-file manual test for windows... 118/head
2015-06-18  Steve GillCB-9192 Incremented plugin version.
2015-06-18  Steve GillCB-9202 updated repo url to github mirror in package... 2.1.0 r2.1.0
2015-06-18  Steve GillCB-9192 Updated version and for release...
2015-06-18  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-8728' of
2015-06-17  Joe BowserCB-9068: Lollipop represents missing filesystems as...
2015-06-17  Steve Gilladded missing license header
2015-06-12  Victor SosaCB-9128 cordova-plugin-file documentation translation...
2015-06-02  Raymond Camdenfix npm md
2015-05-27  alsorokinCB-8844 Increased timeout for asset tests
2015-05-19  Steve GillUpdated resolveFileSystem.js so it can be parsed by...
2015-05-19  Steve GillUpdated requestFileSystem.js so it can be parsed by...
2015-04-28  Victor SosaCB-8860 cordova-plugin-file documentation translation...
2015-04-27  Vladimir KotikovCB-8792 Fixes reading of json files using readAsText 114/head
2015-04-26  masonicboomfix install on amazon-fireos 113/head
2015-04-15  Steve GillCB-8858 Incremented plugin version.
2015-04-15  Steve GillCB-8858 Updated version in package.json for release... 2.0.0 r2.0.0
2015-04-15  Steve GillRevert "CB-8858 Incremented plugin version."
2015-04-15  Steve GillCB-8858 Incremented plugin version.
2015-04-15  Steve GillCB-8858 Updated version and for release...
2015-04-14  alsorokinCB-8849 Fixed ReadAsArrayBuffer to return ArrayBuffer... 111/head
2015-04-14  alsorokinCB-8819 Fixed FileReader's readAsBinaryString on wp8
2015-04-09  Steve GillCB-8746 gave plugin major version bump
2015-04-08  Andrew GrieveCB-8683 android: Fix broken unit tests from plugin...
2015-04-02  Steve GillCB-8683 changed plugin-id to pacakge-name
2015-03-31  Steve GillCB-8653 properly updated translated docs to use new id
2015-03-31  Steve GillCB-8653 updated translated docs to use new id
2015-03-25  Jesse MacFadyenUse TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR, install paramedic by npm
2015-03-20  unknownVerify data in tests for write after seek. 106/head
2015-03-20  unknownUse position set by seek when writing data.
2015-03-19  sgrebnovdocs: added Windows to supported platforms
2015-03-18  Andrew GrieveCB-8699 CB-6428 Fix uncompressed assets being copied...
2015-03-18  Andrew GrieveCB-6428 android: Fix assets FileEntry having size of -1
2015-03-18  Andrew Grieveandroid: Move URLforFullPath into base class (and renam...