2013-12-11  Ian ClellandPlugin.xml fix android-file 280/head
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandAndroid: Updates to allow FileTransfer to continue...
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandAndroid: Clean up unclosed file objects
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandMerge branch 'android-fle' into dev
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Cleanup
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move read, write and truncate methods into...
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move copy/move methods into FS modules
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move getParent into FS modules
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move getmetadata methods into FS modules
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move readdir methods into FS modules
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move remove methods into FS modules
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Move getFile into FS modules
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5407: Start refactoring android code: Modular filesy...
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5405: Use URL formatting for Entry.toURL
2013-12-11  Ian ClellandCB-5532 Fix
2013-12-05  Ian ClellandPartial fix for iOS File compatibility with previous...
2013-12-03  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5532' of
2013-12-03  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5531' of
2013-12-03  sgrebnovCB-5532 WP8. Add binary data support to FileWriter 13/head 15/head
2013-12-03  sgrebnovCB-5531 WP8. File Api readAsText incorrectly handles... 12/head 14/head
2013-12-03  Steven Gilladded ubuntu support
2013-11-27  Steven GillMerge branch 'dev' of
2013-11-25  Bryan HigginsCB-5118 [BlackBerry10] Add check for undefined error...
2013-11-22  Maxim Ermilov[ubuntu] use cordova/exec/proxy
2013-11-22  Ian ClellandCB-5406: Extend public API for dependent plugins
2013-11-18  Ian ClellandCB-5403: Bump File plugin major version
2013-11-18  Ian ClellandCB-5406: Split iOS file plugin into modules
2013-11-18  Ian ClellandCB-5406: Factor out filesystem providers in iOS
2013-11-18  Ian ClellandCB-5408: Add handler for filesystem:// urls
2013-11-18  Ian ClellandCB-5406: Update iOS native code to use filesystem URLs...
2013-11-17  Ian ClellandCB-5405: Update JS code to use URLs exclusively
2013-11-13  David PeacockCB-4816 Fix file creation outside sandbox for BB10
2013-11-11  Maxim Ermilov[ubuntu] change location of persistent dir
2013-10-30  Archana Naik1. Added amazon-fireos platform 10/head
2013-10-28  Steven GillCB-5188:
2013-10-28  Steven Gill[CB-5188] Updated version and for relea... 0.2.5 r0.2.5
2013-10-25  Maxim Ermilovadd ubuntu platform
2013-10-23  Ian ClellandCB-5129: Add a consistent filesystem attribute to FileE...
2013-10-22  hermwongCB-5128: added repo + issue tag to plugin.xml for file...
2013-10-16  Bryan HigginsCB-5015 [BlackBerry10] Add missing dependency for File...
2013-10-09  Steven Gill[CB-5010] Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2013-10-09  Steven Gill[CB-5010] Updated version and for relea... 0.2.4 r0.2.4
2013-10-09  David KempCB-5020 - File plugin should execute on a separate...
2013-09-26  Steven Gill[CB-4915] Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2013-09-26  Joe BowserCB-4504: Updating to compensate for...
2013-09-26  Steven Gill[CB-4915] Updated version and for relea... 0.2.3 r0.2.3
2013-09-25  Anis KadriCB-4889 bumping&resetting version
2013-09-25  Anis KadriMerge branch 'dev' of
2013-09-25  Carlos Santana[CB-4903] File Plugin not loading Windows8
2013-09-25  Anis KadriCB-4889 renaming references
2013-09-24  Carlos Santana[CB-4903] File Plugin not loading Windows8 5/head
2013-09-21  Anis KadriCB-4889 renaming org.apache.cordova.core.file to org...
2013-09-17  Andrew GrieveRename ->
2013-09-10  Andrew Grieve[CB-4771] Expose TEMPORARY and PERSISTENT constants...
2013-09-09  Andrew GrieveFix compiler/lint warnings
2013-09-09  Andrew Grieve[CB-4764] Move into file plugin
2013-09-09  Andrew Grieve[CB-4763] Copy into the plugin.
2013-09-06  Hasan Ahmad[CB-2901] [BlackBerry10] Automatically unsandbox filesy...
2013-09-06  Andrew Grieve[CB-4752] Incremented plugin version on dev branch.
2013-09-06  Andrew Grieve[CB-4752] Updated version and changelog 0.2.1 r0.2.1
2013-09-05  Joe BowserCB-4665: Deleted misplaced comment
2013-09-04  Joe BowserCB-4514: Making DirectoryCopy Recursive
2013-08-29  Andrew Grieve[CB-4656] Don't add newlines in data urls within readAs...
2013-08-28  lmnbeyond[iOS] Simplify the code in resolveLocalFileSystemURI
2013-08-19  Steven GillCB-4595: updated version
2013-08-14  Andrew Grieve[CB-4417] Move cordova-plugin-file to its own Java...
2013-08-14  Steven Gillupdated namespace, name tag and readme
2013-08-06  Hardeep Shoker[plugin.xml] adding android namespace 4/head
2013-08-06  Hardeep Shoker[plugin.xml] standardizing license + meta
2013-08-06  Hardeep Shoker[license] adding apache license file
2013-07-30  Anis Kadriupdating plugin.xml with registry data
2013-07-30  purplecabbage[Windows8] added support
2013-07-24  Shazron Abdullah[CB-4366] Explicit MobileCoreServices.framework depende...
2013-07-24  Shazron Abdullah[CB-4367] Explicit AssetsLibrary.framework dependency...
2013-07-18  Steven Gillupdated readme
2013-07-16  Jesse MacFadyenignore stuff
2013-07-16  Jesse MacFadyen[wp] update comments with proper args
2013-07-12  Jesse MacFadyenfixed issue with new isBinary param to write method
2013-07-11  Joe BowserCB-3724: Fixing exceptions so that they have the right...
2013-07-10  hermwongadded files from org.apache.core.file name space &...
2013-07-10  Andrew Grieve[CB-4038] - Remove o.a.c.api namespace
2013-07-09  Andrew Grieve[CB-4131] Use relative require paths in file plugin.
2013-07-08  Jesse MacFadyen[CB-4117] remove dupe code
2013-07-08  Max Woghiren[CB-4017] Fixed behavior of DirectoryReader.
2013-07-08  Ian Clelland[CB-3992] Allow FileWriter.write() to accept File as...
2013-07-04  Bryan Higgins[CB-3720] [BlackBerry10] Update requires to match new...
2013-07-02  Bryan Higgins[CB-3720] [BlackBerry10] Add BB10 File implementation
2013-07-02  Max Woghiren[CB-4033] Relaxed case-sensitivity of "UTF-8".
2013-06-29  Andrew GrieveFix require paths that were broken by plugin id changes
2013-06-28  Andrew GrieveRemove xmlns:android, fix plugin id
2013-06-24  Benn Mapes[CB-3722] added windows phone specific js for FileUploa...
2013-06-24  Benn Mapes[CB-3722] first pass wp8 support
2013-06-21  Steven Gillupdated tests
2013-06-21  Steven Gillupdated files
2013-06-20  Tim KimChanged to feature tag
2013-06-19  Steven Gillupdatd FileWriter and plugin.xml
2013-06-19  Steven Gillupdated references
2013-06-18  Steven Gillupdated referenes in javascript headers
2013-06-18  Steven Gillupdated reference
2013-06-18  Steven Gilladded docs + tests