CB-9192 Incremented plugin version.
[cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist.git] / package.json
2015-06-18  Steve GillCB-9192 Incremented plugin version. CB-9381cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist CB-9444cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist
2015-06-17  Steve GillCB-9202 updated repo url to github mirror in package... 1.1.0 r1.1.0
2015-06-17  Steve GillCB-9192 Updated version and RELEASENOTES.md for release...
2015-03-26  Steve GillRevert "Revert "CB-8739 Incremented plugin version.""
2015-03-26  Steve GillRevert "CB-8739 Incremented plugin version."
2015-03-25  Steve GillCB-8739 Incremented plugin version.
2015-03-25  Steve Gill CB-8739 Updated version and RELEASENOTES.md for releas...
2015-03-12  Edna MoralesCB-8660 remove extra commas from package.json
2015-03-11  Andrew GrieveMoved from cordova-plugins repo