2018-10-03  Jan Piotrowskiremove JIRA link master
2018-10-01  Jan Piotrowskialso accept terms for android sdk `android-27`
2018-09-07  GearóidMerge pull request #100 from travisdahl/patch-1
2018-09-01  Travis DahlAdd link to explain hexadecimal ARGB values 100/head
2018-08-11  Travis DahlAlpha example doesn't match description
2018-07-18  Jan Piotrowskiremove second title headline
2018-07-18  Jan PiotrowskiMerge pull request #97 from Menardi/Menardi-patch-1
2018-06-22  Gearoid MAdd Android overlay support to README 97/head
2018-04-13  Steve GillSet VERSION to 2.4.3-dev (via coho)
2018-04-13  Steve GillCB-14030 Updated version and for releas... 2.4.x 2.4.2 rel/2.4.2
2018-01-12  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #95 from jcesarmobile/CB-12679
2018-01-11  Julio CésarCB-12679: Remove Permissions section 95/head
2018-01-10  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #94 from jcesarmobile/CB-13754
2018-01-09  Julio CésarCB-13754: Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis 94/head
2017-12-30  jcesarmobileFix release notes (#93)
2017-12-28  Simon MacDonaldSet VERSION to 2.4.2-dev (via coho)
2017-12-28  Simon MacDonaldCB-13714 Updated version and for releas... 2.4.1 rel/2.4.1
2017-12-27  jcesarmobileCB-13712 (iOS): fix overlaysWebView reset on rotation...
2017-12-16  Steve GillSet VERSION to 2.4.1-dev (via coho)
2017-12-16  Steve GillCB-13681 Updated version and for releas... 2.4.0 rel/2.4.0
2017-12-16  Steve GillMerge pull request #91 from jcesarmobile/CB-13623
2017-11-30  Julio CésarCB-13623 (iOS): Remove iOS 6-7 code 91/head
2017-11-06  Steve GillSet VERSION to 2.3.1-dev (via coho)
2017-11-06  Steve GillCB-13542 Updated version and for releas... 2.3.x 2.3.0 rel/2.3.0
2017-11-02  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #83 from lunaru/master
2017-10-25  Lu WangMerge branch 'master' of 83/head
2017-10-20  Julio Cesar... CB-13476 (iOS): handle double size statusbar on SDK...
2017-10-20  Julio CésarCB-13394 (iOS): fix iPhone X StatusBar rendering in...
2017-10-20  Alexander SorokinCB-13473: (CI) Removed browser builds from AppVeyor
2017-10-20  Alexander SorokinCB-13472: (CI) Fixed Travis Android builds again
2017-10-12  Joe BowserThis closes #51
2017-10-12  Joe BowserMerge branch 'CB-11858' of
2017-10-10  Joe BowserThis closes #64
2017-09-22  jcesarmobileCB-13311: (iOS) Statusbar does not overlay correctly...
2017-09-19  Alexander SorokinCB-13299 (CI) Fix Android builds
2017-07-28  Alexander SorokinCB-13028 (CI) Browser builds on Travis and AppVeyor 84/head
2017-07-27  Jan PiotrowskiFix issue tracker link - closes #82
2017-07-27  Lu WangAdd preference for native scroll to top
2017-07-10  Alexander SorokinCB-13000: (CI) Speed up android builds
2017-07-07  Alexander SorokinCB-12991: (CI) Updated CI badges
2017-06-30  Alexander SorokinCB-12935: (windows) Enable paramedic builds on AppVeyor
2017-06-27  Alexander SorokinCB-12935: (ios, android) Enable paramedic builds on... 81/head
2017-06-22  Max RumanMerge branch 'master' of 78/head
2017-06-07  imgx64CB-12812: (browser) Fix statusbar plugin with browser... 79/head
2017-05-25  filmajCB-12847: added `bugs` entry to package.json. 80/head
2017-04-27  filmajSet VERSION to 2.2.4-dev (via coho)
2017-04-27  filmajCB-12736 Updated version and for releas... 2.2.3 rel/2.2.3
2017-04-26  Alexander SorokinCB-12622 Added Android 6.0 build badge to README
2017-04-25  Andrea LazzarottoCB-10879: Enable overlaysWebView on Android API 21+
2017-04-22  Steve GillCB-12685: added package.json to tests folder
2017-04-21  Max RumanCB-11858: (android) Add StatusBarStyle feature support...
2017-03-02  Steve GillSet VERSION to 2.2.3-dev (via coho)
2017-03-01  Steve GillCB-12519 Updated version and for releas...
2017-02-23  olln3CB-12188 Status Bar is not changing in some specific...
2017-01-20  Nikita MatrosovCB-12369: Add plugin typings from DefinitelyTyped
2017-01-18  Alexander SorokinCB-12363 Added build badges for iOS 9.3 and 10.0
2016-12-28  Julio CésarCB-12196 (iOS) fix Status Bar Not Hiding
2016-12-15  Julio CésarCB-12141 (ios) fix white app screen after camera overla...
2016-12-15  Julio CésarClosing invalid pull request: close #72
2016-12-11  Shazron AbdullahCB-12236 - Fixed RELEASENOTES for cordova-plugin-statusbar
2016-12-09  Alexander SorokinCB-12230 Removed Windows 8.1 build badges
2016-12-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-12224 Incremented plugin version.
2016-12-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-12224 Updated version and for releas... 2.2.1 rel/2.2.1
2016-11-13  Jonathan LiCB-10288 statusbar plugin interaction with iOS multitasking
2016-10-30  Julio Cesar... CB-10158 (ios) fix StatusBar issue when recovering...
2016-10-30  Julio Cesar... CB-10341 ios, document statusTap event
2016-10-28  Julio CésarCB-11191: Statusbar plugin causing issues with webview...
2016-10-05  Shazron AbdullahCB-11917 - Remove pull request template checklist item...
2016-09-09  Steve GillCB-11832 Incremented plugin version.
2016-09-09  Steve GillCB-11832 Updated version and for releas... 2.2.0 rel/2.2.0
2016-09-08  Vladimir KotikovCB-11795 Add 'protective' entry to cordovaDependencies
2016-09-01  Julio CésarRemoved duplicate code
2016-09-01  Gosha ArinichHandle extended status bar on iOS
2016-08-22  Simon MacDonaldPlugin uses Android Log class and not Cordova LOG class
2016-07-30  Julio CésarClosing stale pull request: close #19
2016-07-04  Julio CésarCB-11287: (ios) - fix webview resize after modal on... 61/head
2016-07-04  Julio CésarCB-11485 fix resize on rotation with popover 60/head
2016-06-10  Vladimir KotikovAdd badges for paramedic builds on Jenkins
2016-05-24  Vladimir KotikovCB-11197 Keep status bar hidden when keyboard pops up
2016-05-23  Nikhil KhandelwalAdd pull request template.
2016-05-18  Richard KnollCB-10866: Adding engine info to package.json
2016-05-17  Jesse MacFadyenpatched missing _ready method, and changed the way... 58/head
2016-04-25  t1st3chore: edit package.json license to match SPDX id....
2016-04-23  Dmitry BlotskyCB-10996 Adding front matter to
2016-04-15  Steve GillCB-11091 Incremented plugin version.
2016-04-15  Steve Gill Updated version and for release 2.1.3 2.1.x 2.1.3 rel/2.1.3
2016-04-05  dasergeCB-11018 Fix statusbar with inappbrowser causing incorr... 54/head
2016-03-29  dasergeCB-10884 Inappbrowser breaks UI while Screen orientatio... 53/head
2016-03-10  Carlos Santanaclean releasenotes bold font
2016-03-10  Carlos SantanaCB-10820 Incremented plugin version.
2016-03-10  Carlos SantanaCB-10820 Updated version and for releas... 2.1.2 rel/2.1.2
2016-03-06  Julio CésarFix for CB-10752 status bar overlays the webview on... 50/head
2016-02-24  dasergeCB-10683 Fix wrong StatusBar.isVisible initial value... 49/head
2016-02-24  dasergeCB-10636 Add JSHint for plugins
2016-02-22  Julio CésarCB-10047 fix iOS 8 deprecated warnings
2016-02-09  Vladimir KotikovCB-10557 Incremented plugin version.
2016-02-09  Vladimir KotikovCB-10557 Updated version and for releas... 2.1.1 rel/2.1.1
2016-01-17  Julio CésarFix for CB-10102
2016-01-16  Steve GillCB-10368 Incremented plugin version.
2016-01-16  Steve GillCB-10368 Updated version and for releas... 2.1.0 rel/2.1.0