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2020-07-06  エリスbreaking: upgrade eslint w/ fix & cleanup (#49)
2020-07-06  エリスchore: use short notation in package.json (#47)
2020-07-06  エリスbreaking: major version bump 2.0.0-dev (#46)
2017-11-06  Steve GillSet VERSION to 1.1.7-dev (via coho)
2017-11-06  Steve GillCB-13542 Updated version and for releas... 1.1.6 rel/1.1.6
2017-08-01  Audrey SoCB-12895 : replaced jshint with eslint 26/head
2017-05-25  filmajCB-12847: added `bugs` entry to package.json. 25/head
2017-03-02  Steve GillSet VERSION to 1.1.6-dev (via coho)
2017-03-01  Steve GillCB-12519 Updated version and for releas...
2016-12-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-12224 Incremented plugin version.
2016-12-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-12224 Updated version and for releas... 1.1.4 rel/1.1.4
2016-09-28  t1st3Edit package.json license to match SPDX id
2016-09-09  Steve GillCB-11832 Incremented plugin version.
2016-09-09  Steve GillCB-11832 Updated version and for releas... 1.1.3 rel/1.1.3
2016-04-15  Steve GillCB-11091 Incremented plugin version.
2016-04-15  Steve Gill Updated version and for release 1.1.2 1.1.2 rel/1.1.2
2016-03-01  dasergeCB-10636 Add JSHint for plugins 17/head
2016-01-16  Steve GillCB-10368 Incremented plugin version.
2016-01-16  Steve GillCB-10368 Updated version and for releas... 1.1.1 rel/1.1.1
2015-12-01  Steve GillCB-10035 Incremented plugin version.
2015-11-19  Steve GillCB-10035 Updated version and for releas...
2015-06-18  Steve GillRevert "Revert "CB-9192 Incremented plugin version.""
2015-06-18  Steve GillRevert "CB-9192 Incremented plugin version." 1.0.1 r1.0.1
2015-06-18  Steve Gillfixed issue with package.json
2015-06-18  Steve GillCB-9192 Incremented plugin version.
2015-06-17  Steve GillCB-9202 updated repo url to github mirror in package...
2015-06-17  Steve GillCB-9192 Updated version and for release...
2015-04-15  Steve GillCB-8858 Incremented plugin version.
2015-04-15  Steve GillCB-8858 Updated version in package.json for release... 1.0.0 r1.0.0
2015-04-10  Steve GillCB-8746 gave plugin major version bump
2015-04-02  Steve GillCB-8683 changed plugin-id to pacakge-name
2015-02-25  Steve GillCB-8538 Added package.json file