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2014-06-16  Jesse MacFadyenwp7 is dead, long live wp7
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2014-02-10  Lucas HolmquistCB-4886 Initial addition of "plugman create"
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2014-02-03  Gabriel Adding Tizen to list of supported platforms
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2013-12-11  Steven GillMerge branch 'fireos'
2013-12-05  mbillauCB-5034 document registry functions in plugman
2013-11-27  Archana NaikUpdated amazon-fireos.spec with amazon-fireos platform...
2013-10-16  Anis Kadriupdating README.rd doc
2013-07-30  Fil Majremoved plugin spec and updated link to point to cordov...
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2013-07-24  Fil MajUpdated readme with a requirements section. Resolved...
2013-07-14  Anis Kadrimerging latest master
2013-07-12  Jesse MacFadyenAdded WP8 to the supported platforms, was wp7 only
2013-06-04  Stéphane BachelierFix incorrect links in example plugins section
2013-05-24  Fil Maj[CB-3500] fixing usage+readme on uninstall instructions.
2013-05-18  Fil Majadded node module usage docs
2013-05-18  Fil Majstart of node module usage documentation
2013-05-18  Fil Maj[CB-3429] fix for bad referencing of framework + source...
2013-05-18  Fil Majsplit out readme and spec into separate documents
2013-05-17  Fil Maj0.7.5. Support for Windows Phone 7
2013-05-17  Fil Maj0.7.4. Fix for [CB-2718] source-file can now specify...
2013-05-16  Fil Majupdate to usage instructions and readme
2013-05-16  Jeffrey Heifetz[BlackBerry10] Adding support for new BlackBerry10...
2013-05-16  Braden ShepherdsonAdd spec for <dependency> tag to
2013-05-02  Fil Majupdated plugin spec to note that js-module and asset...
2013-05-01  Fil Majupdates to spec regarding config-file elements.
2013-04-30  Fil Majadded more variable documentation to README. added...
2013-04-29  Fil Majupdates to plugman readme following weekend updates.
2013-04-29  Fil Majpretty much there for a config handler module. a few...
2013-04-25  Fil Majios resource and framework tests.
2013-04-24  Fil Majtons of ios specs.
2013-04-23  Fil Majgnarliest future->master merge evar
2013-04-20  Fil Majmoar tests
2013-04-17  Fil MajClarified spec
2013-04-17  Braden ShepherdsonMerge branch 'future' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2013-04-17  Braden ShepherdsonRemove --www parameter from --prepare, infer from platf...
2013-04-17  Fil MajREADME improvements for spec and dropping TODOs. Added...
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2013-04-09  Fil Majupdated futures README with some minor tweaks to the...
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2013-03-27  Fil Majupdated futures README with some minor tweaks to the...
2013-03-26  Braden ShepherdsonUpdated README with <js-module> tags, other updates...
2013-03-22  Anis KadriUpdating docs for variables/preferences
2013-02-21  Anis KadriMerge branch 'weak-framework-support' of https://github...
2013-02-18  Brett Rudd[ios] added support for weakly linked frameworks
2013-01-09  Anis Kadriadding list plugins
2012-11-27  Anis Kadriupdating one reference
2012-11-27  Anis Kadrirenaming project
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2012-10-05  Mike Reinsteinmerged my code in for ios, and cleaned up the ios tests.
2012-09-20  Anis Kadriupdating README.rd
2012-09-19  Anis KadriMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-21  Ryan Willoughby[www] Added new platform 'www'
2012-08-17  alunny[android] support $PACKAGE_NAME interpolation
2012-06-28  alunny[readme] dev
2012-06-13  alunny[README] point to cordova-plugin-spec
2012-02-07  alunnyREADME + LICENSE
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