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2012-03-19  Denis KormalevMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2012-03-19  Denis KormalevFixes for qt5 in notifications and main.cpp
2012-02-16  Viras-Merge pull request #5 from longwei/master
2012-02-15  Longwei Suignore harmattan deploy folder qtc_packaging
2012-02-13  Viras-Merge pull request #2 from Viras-/master
2012-02-13  Viras-Fixing geolocation caching bug
2011-12-26  Viras-Merge pull request #3 from Viras-/master
2011-11-09  Viras-Project rename to callback-qt
2011-10-03  Viras-New project base
2011-10-03  Viras-Repo cleanup
2011-09-27  Viras-- Added Geolocation implementation based on plugin...
2011-09-24  Viras-- Removed outdated xvibra project reference