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2012-10-09  Anis Kadriadding apache header license
2012-05-07  Longwei Suminor fixes to contacts and compass
2012-05-04  Longwei Sufixes for page navigation
2012-04-30  Longwei SuMerge main.qml main_harmattan.qml to main_qt.qml; fixes...
2012-04-27  Longwei Suminor updates for mobile-spec test cases
2012-03-19  Denis KormalevMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2012-03-16  Denis KormalevQuick fix for current webkit2 master
2012-03-14  Longwei SuNotification rework for Harmattan
2012-02-24  Denis KormalevMerge pull request #15 from dkormalev/harmattan-qt5
2012-02-24  Denis KormalevInitial version working at Harmattan@Qt5
2012-02-22  Denis KormalevMerge pull request #13 from dkormalev/harmattan-test
2012-02-22  Denis KormalevVarious fixes for harmattan. Scrolling added to qml...
2012-02-21  Jeff TranterMerge pull request #9 from tranter/master
2012-02-20  Denis KormalevMerge pull request #11 from dkormalev/harmattan
2012-02-20  Denis KormalevSmall visual fixes for harmattan
2012-02-17  Denis KormalevMerge pull request #8 from dkormalev/qt4-qml
2012-02-17  Denis KormalevQt4 version moved to qml webview. Harmattan support...
2012-02-17  Jeff TranterMerge pull request #6 from dkormalev/qt5-quick
2012-02-16  Denis KormalevSmall fixes
2012-02-16  Denis KormalevQt5 quick webview usage added