fix(main.js): color of 404 status in console logs (#46)
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2020-04-08  エリスdoc(README): formatting, syntax updating, wording ...
2020-04-01  エリスci: replace existing services with GitHub Actions ...
2017-06-06  Steve GillCB-12785: added travis and appveyor
2016-02-26  Tim BarhamSome corrections and enhancements for cordova-serve...
2015-10-05  Tim BarhamRefactor cordova-serve to use Express.
2015-06-15  Tim BarhamCB-9181 Added license header to
2015-06-15  Tim BarhamUpdate cordova-serve to reflect recent changes.
2015-06-10  Tim BarhamCB-9127 Implements cordova-serve module.