fix(main.js): color of 404 status in console logs (#46)
[cordova-serve.git] / package.json
2020-04-13  ErisuIncrement package version to 4.0.1-dev
2020-04-08  Erisuserve-4.0.0 Updated version and for... 4.0.x 4.0.0 rel/4.0.0
2020-04-01  エリスbreaking: replace dependency opn w/ open (#30)
2020-04-01  エリスci: replace existing services with GitHub Actions ...
2020-04-01  エリスchore(npm): update package & add ignore list (#27)
2020-04-01  エリスbreaking(npm): bump dependencies (#28)
2019-11-15  エリスchore: update jasmine dependencies & settings (#24)
2019-11-15  エリスrefactor: eslint setup (#23)
2019-11-14  エリスchore: drop node 6 and 8 support (#22)
2019-11-14  エリスchore: bump version to 4.0.0-dev (#21)
2019-10-30  Raphael von der... Improve linting (#19)
2018-12-20  エリスGH-10 Incremented package version to -dev
2018-12-20  エリスGH-10 Updated version and for release... 3.0.x 3.0.0 rel/3.0.0
2018-11-07  Darryl PogueDependency updates & replacing shelljs with which
2018-09-11  エリスCB-14069: Drop Node 4, Add Node 10 Support
2018-06-06  Darryl PogueCB-14122: Incremented package version to -dev
2018-06-06  Darryl PogueCB-14122: Updated version and for relea... 2.0.x 2.0.1 rel/2.0.1
2018-06-06  Darryl PogueUse `opn` module instead of deprecated `open`
2018-05-16  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #8 from zeprone/package
2018-05-16  Benoit BousquetCB-14092: Fixing repository url 8/head
2017-08-24  Steve GillCB-13214 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-08-24  Steve GillCB-13214 Updated version and for releas... 2.0.0 rel/2.0.0
2017-08-12  Jesse MacFadyenRedo change to eslint instead of jshint
2017-07-01  Jesse MacFadyenremove 'q' dependence completely. Added server.spec
2017-06-30  Jesse MacFadyenadded browser tests, new dep on rewire because of the...
2017-06-29  Jesse MacFadyensetup testing
2017-06-29  Jesse MacFadyenre-arrange code in src/, use Promise, default target...
2017-06-06  Steve GillCB-12785: added travis and appveyor
2017-06-02  Audrey SoCB-12762 : updated common, fetch, and serve pkgJson...
2017-04-19  Steve GillCB-12665 removed enginestrict since it is deprecated
2017-03-10  Audrey SoCB-11977 : updated engines and enginescript for common...
2017-01-18  Steve GillCB-12358 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-01-17  Steve GillCB-12358 Updated version and for releas...
2015-10-21  Tim BarhamOn Windows, verify browsers installed before launching.
2015-10-05  Tim BarhamCB-9748 Incremented cordova-serve package version to...
2015-10-05  Tim BarhamCB-9748 Updated version and for release...
2015-10-05  Tim BarhamRefactor cordova-serve to use Express.
2015-08-22  Tim BarhamCB-9547 Incremented cordova-serve package version to...
2015-08-22  Tim BarhamCB-9547 Updated version and for cordova...
2015-08-22  Tim BarhamCB-9547 Updated shelljs dependency to latest version.
2015-08-22  Tim BarhamClean up cordova-serve console output.
2015-06-17  Tim BarhamCB-9181 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-06-15  Tim BarhamCB-9181 Updated cordova-serve version and RELEASENOTES...
2015-06-10  Tim BarhamCB-9127 Implements cordova-serve module.