2020-11-27  Norman Breauchore: package-lock 19/head
2020-10-04  Raphael von... fix(pkg): fix and clean up package.json (#17)
2020-10-03  Tim Brustchore(asf): update git notification settings (#18)
2020-10-02  Raphael von... chore: clean up package.json (#16)
2020-04-13  Niklas MerzUpdate
2019-03-30  Raphael von... Fix broken Api.js
2019-02-11  Jan PiotrowskiAdd or update GitHub pull request and issue template
2018-12-19  エリスRevert PR #6 (#8)
2018-11-08  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #7 from erisu/bump-common-3x
2018-11-08  エリスDependency bump cordova-common@^3.0.0 7/head
2018-11-08  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #6 from erisu/remove-node_module...
2018-11-08  エリスOnly copy platform node_modules when create by bin 6/head
2018-09-25  Raphael von... Merge pull request #4 from raphinesse/silence-output
2018-09-25  Raphael von... Merge pull request #5 from raphinesse/fix-spec-promise...
2018-09-06  AudreyDoc requirements for platform api expectations (#1)
2018-09-06  Raphael von... Properly handle promises in test 5/head
2018-09-06  Raphael von... Use proper temp dir in tests
2018-09-06  Raphael von... Silence test output 4/head
2018-09-06  Raphael von... No error message when creating in existing dir
2018-09-06  Jan PiotrowskiRemove link to JIRA
2018-09-06  Raphael von... Silence Api.js
2018-09-06  Raphael von... Do not try to copy non-existant directory
2018-09-06  Raphael von... Fix test script (#3)
2018-09-03  Fil MajCB-11347: a bit more documentation around platform...
2017-05-10  Jesse MacFadyenno hardcoded api path, making this reusable
2017-04-07  Jesse MacFadyenupdating name + repo links, new name cordova-test-platform
2017-04-06  Jesse MacFadyenadded version.bat file for windows, bumped to 0.0.4
2017-04-06  Jesse MacFadyenbump to 0.0.3 and publish to see if the whole system...
2017-04-06  Jesse MacFadyentests passing
2017-04-06  Jesse MacFadyenupdated paths, added config handling, cordova-lib tests...
2017-04-05  Jesse MacFadyenpushed version back to a reasonable pre 1.0 number
2017-04-05  Jesse MacFadyencleaned up console.log, running all create tests
2017-04-05  Jesse MacFadyenadded platform level scripts
2017-04-03  Jesse MacFadyenbump version to 1.0.1
2017-04-03  Jesse MacFadyenignore vscode bs
2017-04-01  Jesse MacFadyenadded basic api and tests
2017-03-29  Jesse MacFadyenfilled in some readme
2017-03-29  Jesse MacFadyenbasic scaffolding