Merge pull request #16 from jcesarmobile/CB-10358
[cordova-weinre.git] /
2018-07-07  jcesarmobileMerge pull request #16 from jcesarmobile/CB-10358 master
2018-07-05  Julio CésarCB-10358: Add deprecation notice 16/head
2013-05-03  Patrick Mueller[CB-3328] - chrome version >= 27 breaks flex-box usage
2012-11-30  Patrick Mueller[CB-1800] weinre: remove "incubator" from project
2012-06-29  Patrick Mueller[CB-984] [weinre] weinre broken with node 0.8
2012-04-25  Patrick Mueller[weinre] update to add link to people.apache...
2012-04-19  Patrick Mueller[CB-315] generate valid Apache release artifacts names
2012-03-30  Patrick Mueller[CB-315] [weinre] generate valid Apache release artifac...
2012-02-21  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-17  Patrick Muellerfix
2012-02-15  Patrick MuellerApache-ization, port to node.js
2012-01-16  Patrick Muellerchanged all licenses to ASLv2
2011-10-28  Patrick Muellerupdated the link to point to the doc
2011-10-28  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'develop' 1.6.0
2011-10-27  Patrick Muellerupdates to the doc
2011-06-06  Patrick MuellerMerge pull request #2 from pmuellr/master
2011-06-06  Patrick MuellerMerge branch 'phonegap-org-migration'
2011-06-06  Patrick Muellermigrate doc links to phonegap org
2010-12-17  Patrick Muellercouldn't even get a two-line md file right 0.9.9
2010-12-17  Patrick Muellerforgot the README