2014-09-05  Steven Gillupdated release notes
2014-09-04  Jesse MacFadyenfix merge issue, package modified 3.6.0
2014-09-03  Jesse MacFadyenupdated package.json version
2014-09-03  Josh SorefCB-7455 add bundledDependencies
2014-09-02  Steven Gillupdated package.json
2014-08-26  Jesse MacFadyenUpdate 3.6.x branch
2014-08-26  Jesse MacFadyenupdate package to 3.6.0-dev
2014-08-26  Jesse MacFadyenupdate to latest 3.6.x cordova.js file
2014-08-26  Jesse MacFadyenFix template def missing files
2014-08-26  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7338' of
2014-08-26  Jesse MacFadyenAdd appveyor badge
2014-08-23  Jesse MacFadyenignore node_modules
2014-08-22  Vladimir KotikovCB-7368 --archs="x86" now produces correct binaries. 52/head
2014-08-20  Vladimir KotikovCB-7341 Port tooling/platform scripts from WSH to NodeJS 51/head
2014-08-19  Martin GonzalezRemove unwanted slashes and handle Exceptions 50/head
2014-08-16  Jesse MacFadyenyml must be ansi encoded, okay, force push this then
2014-08-16  Jesse MacFadyenLemme try addin the yml
2014-08-16  Jesse MacFadyenadding testing to the workflow
2014-08-16  Jesse MacFadyenignore node_modules
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6763' of
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenThis closes #13, This closes #25, This closes #31
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-4655' of
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenCB-7305 remove trailing slash from dest 48/head
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyencleanup file, remove commented out stuff after testing it
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenUpdate instructions minus createTemplates stuff
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenFix intermittent issue with invalid app manifest becaus...
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyencreate needs to copy+rename the defaults.xml file for...
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenRemoving outdated/unused tooling scripts
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenmove createTemplates scripts ( they will live undoc...
2014-08-14  Jesse MacFadyenMove common items to their rightful home
2014-07-30  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7028' of
2014-07-30  Jesse MacFadyenUse wildcard for contents of www/ folder
2014-07-21  sgrebnovCB-4655 WP8: Default native project template should... 47/head
2014-07-15  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2014-07-15  Jesse MacFadyencreateTemplates script copies defaults.xml->config.xml
2014-07-15  sgrebnovCB-5049 Create defaults.xml that contains platform... 46/head
2014-07-15  sgrebnovCB-6788 WP8 - Fix header licenses (Apache RAT report)
2014-07-14  Giacomo Trezzismall fix for spaces in path 45/head
2014-07-09  sgrebnovCB-7060 WP8. Fix large project build performance issue
2014-07-03  Staci CooperCB-7028 fixed memory leak in wp with plugins 44/head
2014-06-19  Vladimir KotikovAdds support for chip architectures to run command 42/head
2014-06-17  Staci CooperCB-6924 Fixed memory leak in WP page navigation 41/head
2014-06-13  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6939 Replace dash chars in package name and validate it.
2014-06-12  Vladimir KotikovFixes handling of UTF-8 encoded project files. 40/head
2014-06-06  Jesse MacFadyenAdded list of supported architectures in help text
2014-06-06  Vladimir KotikovAdds support for target architectures to build command 39/head
2014-06-05  Vladimir KotikovEscapes paths in target() function 38/head
2014-06-04  Vladimir Kotikov[CB-6763] Fixes issue when multiple simultaneous reques... 37/head
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenadd license header to all bat files, and echo off so...
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenadd license header
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenadd license header
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6788 add license header to template file
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6788 Add license headers to cs files
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6788 Add license header to sln files
2014-06-02  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6788 add headers to bat files
2014-06-02  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6788 add header to .md files
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6788 Add license to
2014-05-30  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6775 added support for autoload, splashscreen uses...
2014-05-26  Jesse MacFadyenCB-5653 make visible cordova version. This closes #35
2014-05-23  Jesse MacFadyenwp8.1 and the IE11 WebBrowser control do not support...
2014-05-22  sgrebnovCB-6732 [WP8] Fix "MSBuild 64 bit is not supported... 36/head
2014-05-14  sgrebnovCB-6341 Remove windows requirement to have MSBuild... 34/head
2014-05-14  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6676 allow extra params to build/run and ignore...
2014-05-13  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6685' of
2014-05-13  Jesse MacFadyenupdate master branch with next dev version number
2014-05-13  sgrebnovCB-6685 [3.5.0rc][WP8] Build error: Command failed... 33/head
2014-05-08  Vladimir KotikovAdds'-wait' flag to CordovaDeploy. 32/head
2014-05-06  Jesse MacFadyenRemove WP7 from readme, and tooling
2014-05-06  Jesse MacFadyen[WP7] Goodbye, it has been fun. ;)
2014-05-05  Jesse MacFadyenUpdate releasenotes, and state that WP7 support is...
2014-05-05  Jesse MacFadyenApply app-hello-world update
2014-04-30  Steven GillCB-6558: added package.json files for wp7 & wp8
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-04-28  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6412 Include release notes in repo.
2014-04-25  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6450 added support for local XHR.responseXML getter
2014-04-09  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6341 don't rely on msbuild being in the path.
2014-04-09  Jesse MacFadyenbumping version in prep for upcoming 3.5.0
2014-03-24  Jesse MacFadyenapplied Sergey's SpecificVersion flag fix to the wp7...
2014-03-24  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6103' of
2014-03-24  Jesse MacFadyenapplied CB-6268 backgroundcolor to WP7 also
2014-03-24  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6268' of
2014-03-22  Jesse MacFadyenCB-5965 [wp7] support set responseType, get response
2014-03-22  Jesse MacFadyenCB-5965 support set responseType, get response
2014-03-18  Gabriel SchulhofCB-6299 [wp7] Strip protocol and leading slashes from... 30/head
2014-03-18  Gabriel SchulhofCB-6299 [wp8] Strip protocol and leading slashes from...
2014-03-15  sgrebnovCB-6268 WP8. Apply BackgroundColor from config.xml 29/head
2014-02-25  sgrebnovCB-6103 [wp8] CordovaDeploy potential build issue 28/head
2014-02-23  sgrebnovCB-6091 [windows] Build fails if application path conta... 27/head
2014-02-14  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6041 createTemplates should install them for VS...
2014-01-31  Jesse MacFadyenapply CB-5219 to WP7 also
2014-01-31  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5219' of
2014-01-31  Jesse MacFadyenCB-5951 Added namespace to config.xml
2014-01-28  Jesse MacFadyenRemoved wp7 template ref to non-existent file
2014-01-20  sgrebnov[CB-5219] weinre disconnects when history.replaceState... 26/head
2014-01-17  Jesse MacFadyenoops, wp7 still needed some of those using's
2014-01-17  Jesse MacFadyenDebug.WriteLine output, not Console.WriteLine to avoid...
2014-01-16  Jesse MacFadyenApply the same changes to wp7
2014-01-16  Jesse MacFadyenConfig handler has to treat the xml 'name' as a key...
2014-01-16  Jesse MacFadyenOne more case : default classpath + command alias,...
2014-01-16  Jesse MacFadyenadded Namespace string property, used by CommandFactory...