2014-02-18  Noah SlaterRemove space
2014-02-18  Noah SlaterAdd PMC invite template
2014-02-13  Noah SlaterRemove ASF ID from list
2014-02-13  Noah SlaterUpdate instructions
2014-02-02  Noah SlaterCopyedit
2013-12-14  Dave Cottlehubercommitter: suggest getting a PGP key for release and...
2013-12-05  Andy Wenkupdate info for new committers in done_committer.txt
2013-11-20  Andy Wenkupdate confirm- and invite emails for translators
2013-11-19  Andy Wenktextwork on translator emails
2013-11-17  Andy Wenkfix wording in invite translator template
2013-11-17  Andy Wenkadd template for email to new translators
2013-11-16  Andy Wenkadd link to wiki page "Committer First Steps"
2013-11-04  Noah SlaterFix up wordings, request more info
2013-10-25  Noah SlaterAdd some new links
2013-10-09  Noah SlaterRemoved whitelist for fauxton dir
2013-10-08  Jan Lehnardtkxepal reports that we no longer manually set this...
2013-10-08  Jan Lehnardtchangelog.rst is now whatsnew/*.rst
2013-08-23  Dirkjan OchtmanMerge branch 'master' of
2013-08-23  Dirkjan OchtmanNEWS and CHANGES are gone, long live changelog.rst.
2013-08-23  Dirkjan OchtmanAdd some exceptions for tarball/branch matching.
2013-08-12  Noah SlaterAdd board report request email template
2013-07-31  Dirkjan OchtmanReplace with
2013-07-30  Dirkjan OchtmanShow branch differences as a unified diff (try to elude...
2013-07-30  Dirkjan OchtmanWe should pull here to update local branch pointers.
2013-07-26  Dirkjan OchtmanRetrain to look at changelog.rst
2013-07-26  Noah SlaterSwitch to dev@couchdb for CVE search
2013-06-27  Noah SlaterAdd note about community outreach
2013-06-27  Noah SlaterRemove bogus file
2013-06-27  Noah SlaterRemove whitespace
2013-06-27  Noah SlaterUpdate release notes template
2013-05-28  Noah SlaterInstall libmozjs185-dev
2013-05-26  Noah SlaterAdd request_merge.txt
2013-05-26  Noah SlaterAdd note
2013-05-07  Noah SlaterExpand voting results
2013-05-07  Noah SlaterAdd notice_release.txt
2013-04-16  Noah SlaterImprove wording
2013-04-16  Noah SlaterImprove wording
2013-04-16  Noah SlaterImprove notice
2013-04-12  Noah SlaterAdd invitation to cast vote
2013-04-12  Noah SlaterAdd discuss_archive.txt
2013-04-09  Noah SlaterAdd request_promotion.txt
2013-04-03  Noah SlaterRename TAG to ISH
2013-04-03  Noah SlaterChange to the proper directory
2013-04-03  Noah SlaterMinor change
2013-04-03  Noah SlaterMinor change
2013-03-31  Noah SlaterUpdate release notes email and template
2013-03-30  Noah SlaterEdit commit message
2013-03-30  Noah SlaterAdd schedule_release.txt
2013-03-30  Noah SlaterAdd todo marker
2013-03-30  Noah SlaterWent in to production
2013-03-30  Noah SlaterAdded release notes template
2013-03-30  Noah SlaterMinor changes
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterFix link
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterHandle missing file
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterRemove superfluous line
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterRemove superfluous line
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterAdd lines for old releases
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterRemove version specific strings
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterAdd link to branch shortlog
2013-03-23  Noah SlaterRemove old file
2013-03-22  Noah SlaterAdd social media stuff
2013-03-22  Noah SlaterAll-caps notice
2013-03-19  Noah SlaterSome minor edits and a file rename
2013-03-15  Noah SlaterMinor change
2013-03-15  Noah SlaterMinor change
2013-03-15  Noah SlaterMinor changes
2013-03-15  Noah SlaterMinor edits, and add acknowledge_nomination.txt
2013-03-15  Noah SlaterSome more minor edits
2013-03-14  Noah SlaterMinor edits to email templates
2013-03-14  Noah SlaterFix for URL generation
2013-03-14  Noah SlaterMinor edit
2013-03-12  Noah SlaterAdd request_notes.txt
2013-03-11  Noah SlaterAdd new template, edit other
2013-03-11  Noah SlaterTwo new email templates
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterNew line at end of file
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterAdd request_binaries.txt email
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterMinor improvement
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterAdd script
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterMinor improvements
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterAdd wget to email
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterGoing to production...
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterEdit discuss_committer.txt to make expectations more...
2013-03-09  Noah SlaterCorrect dir name
2013-03-09  Noah SlaterCorrect invokation of
2013-03-09  Noah SlaterChange Git repos to ASF repos
2013-03-08  Noah SlaterAdd and fix up other files
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterSome incremental improvements
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterAdd vote_committer.txt template
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterFix up license headers and add minimal documentation
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterCopy and paste error, removed irrelevent licenses from...
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterAdd license information
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterRemove clipboard operations
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterEmail template tweeks
2013-03-07  Noah SlaterInitial commit