2015-06-02  Russell BrancaDisable couch_httpd_cors when chttpd_cors is active 2080-port-cors 160/head 8/head
2015-06-02  Russell BrancaCORS implementation for chttpd
2015-05-24  Robert Kowalskiadd _changes?feed=live sugar for continuous
2015-04-23  Alexander ShorinFix chttpd tests using new test_util:start_applications...
2015-04-23  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2656-use-chttpd...
2015-04-21  Robert NewsonTolerate empty candidate list
2015-04-19  Robert NewsonUse attachment checksum as Etag if possible
2015-04-16  ILYA Khlopotovjson_req_obj compartible with backdoor interface 31/head
2015-04-13  Alexander ShorinRemove /_sleep endpoint 32/head
2015-04-07  ILYA KhlopotovExport etag_match/2
2015-03-13  Robert Kowalskiadd license file
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'kxepal/rename-system...
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinRename "shard_db" option to "shards_db" 27/head
2015-02-25  Alexander ShorinAdd underscore prefix for dbs database name
2015-02-19  Robert KowalskiRemove _config route on cluster 25/head
2015-02-09  Jan Lehnardtadd mango URL endpoints
2015-02-09  Robert KowalskiReturn ok:true on _bulk_doc update
2015-02-05  Alexander ShorinFix typo in config listener module name
2015-02-04  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2561-make-config...
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovDon't restart event handler on termination 21/head
2015-02-04  ILYA Khlopotovconfig:get/3 is more strict now
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate config_listener behaviuor
2015-02-03  Will HolleyParse attachment-related parameters for /_changes
2015-01-31  Will HolleyEnable POST requests to /_changes in clustered CouchDB
2015-01-30  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/1145-_local_docs...
2015-01-29  Will HolleySet view type before validating _all_docs parameters.
2015-01-29  Will Holleyvalidate _all_docs query parameters
2015-01-28  Jan Lehnardtadd setup
2015-01-26  Alexander ShorinUse ADMIN_CTX macro from couch_db.hrl
2015-01-23  Mike WallaceConvert {timeout, Error} errors to timeout
2015-01-21  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'kxepal/2538-revert-500...
2015-01-21  Alexander ShorinRestore <<"unknown_error">> for HTTP 500 errors 17/head
2015-01-21  Alexander ShorinAdd tests for chttpd:error_info/1
2014-12-19  ILYA KhlopotovRename argument to reflect new semantic 16/head
2014-12-19  ILYA KhlopotovReuse _all_docs handler for _local_docs/_design_docs
2014-12-18  ILYA KhlopotovAdd _local_docs and _design_docs handlers
2014-12-16  Paul J. DavisMerge branch '2517-open_revs=all-function_clause'
2014-12-15  ILYA KhlopotovRe-indent to reflect recent addtion of a case branch 15/head
2014-12-15  ILYA KhlopotovReturn error when open_revs=all and document doesn...
2014-12-12  Paul J. DavisMerge branch '2491-refactor-couch-httpd-auth'
2014-12-04  Paul J. DavisUpdate chttpd_auth_cache for new couch_auth_cache 2491-refactor-couch-httpd-auth 13/head 162/head
2014-10-25  Robert KowalskiFix location-header for documents with newlines in... 7/head
2014-10-09  Robert Newsonfix filtered replication
2014-09-24  Alexander ShorinRebrand X-Cloudant-Stack-Hash header for CouchDB
2014-09-24  Alexander ShorinUse couch_log instead of ?LOG_*
2014-09-16  Russell BrancaAdd CORS headers to chttpd_external:send_external_response
2014-09-16  Russell BrancaMake parse_external_response work with binaries and...
2014-09-15  Robert NewsonSend num_mp_writers to correct N
2014-09-08  Robert NewsonForward-port caching and csp headers for _utils
2014-09-04  Robert NewsonRemove chttpd/couchdb stats split
2014-09-03  Robert Newson_all_dbs does not require admin
2014-09-02  Robert NewsonAdd remaining status code stats
2014-09-02  Robert NewsonMove stats cfg to correct place
2014-08-30  Robert NewsonDecrement clients_requesting_changes in a timely fashion
2014-08-29  Robert NewsonCorrectly collect stats by status code
2014-08-29  Robert NewsonUse a distinct namespace for chttpd stats
2014-08-22  Robert NewsonSwitch to couch_stats application windsor-merge
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisRemove unused handle_restart_req
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisBe more restrictive when including a JSON stack
2014-08-17  Paul J. DavisAdded error_info for maintenance mode errors
2014-07-31  Russell Branca Only use cassim:set_security if cassim is enabled
2014-07-31  Robert NewsonAdd cassim
2014-07-31  Russell BrancaIsolate update_doc logic from http logic
2014-07-31  Russell BrancaSeparate update doc and sending the response in update_doc
2014-07-31  Adam KocoloskiLog unexpected return value from att data fetch
2014-07-31  Brian MitchellBe more careful when matching attachment data
2014-07-31  Russell BrancaAdd the request id and timing info in chttpd:send_response
2014-07-31  Russell BrancaUpdate chttpd_external with s/couch_httpd/chttpd/
2014-07-31  Randall Leedshonor ?rev for PUT and validate against _rev/etag
2014-07-31  Robert NewsonHonor max_document_size when receiving body in externals
2014-07-31  Brian MitchellMove attachment code into couch_att
2014-07-31  Robert NewsonAdd CORS support
2014-07-31  Paul J. DavisAdd error_info clause for nodedown errors
2014-07-31  Paul J. DavisImprove HTTP error log formatting
2014-07-31  Paul J. DavisFix JSON encoding for missing revisions
2014-07-31  Robert NewsonImprove logging of errors with traces
2014-07-31  Robert Newsonset module version to 1
2014-07-31  Robert NewsonEnsure result of send_delayed_error is always a #delaye...
2014-07-31  Robert NewsonDon't return stacktraces, log them instead.
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisFix case_clause error with POST to _replicate
2014-07-30  Paul J. DavisAvoid VM log messages about uncaught errors
2014-07-30  Adam KocoloskiReport pending count in _changes
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiWrap decompression in a try/catch, report 400
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiFix unused variable warning
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiTry to cancel a replication everywhere
2014-07-29  Benjamin AndersonAdd statistics for couch_db_updater message queues
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiAllows clients to send gzipped JSON bodies
2014-07-29  Paul J. DavisAdd error formatting for maintenance mode
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiSupport "seq_interval" qs param on _changes
2014-07-29  Benjamin BastianAdd boilerplate for global_changes
2014-07-29  Benjamin AndersonValidate _bulk_docs POST bodies
2014-07-29  Benjamin AndersonRemove unnecessary pattern match and associated extrane...
2014-07-29  Robert NewsonHandle undefined result from process_info
2014-07-29  Benjamin AndersonReturn stats for couch_file mailboxes in _system requests
2014-07-29  Adam Kocoloskiallow case-insensitive content-type from external,...
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiProvide a dedicated NOLB mode
2014-07-29  Adam KocoloskiAdd _reload_query_servers, report stale proc count
2014-07-29  Mike WallaceThrow HTTP 413 is max_document_size is exceeded
2014-07-29  Michael RhodesThrow 400 bad request not 500 for unrecognised _changes...
2014-07-29  Robert NewsonReject large Range requests