2016-04-07  Garren SmithCreate md5 etag for _local docs local-docs-2978 111/head 167/head
2016-03-22  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'github/pr/108'
2016-03-17  ILYA KhlopotovUse couch_tests:setup/1 108/head
2016-03-17  ILYA KhlopotovUse couch_tests applications for chttpd_plugin_tests
2016-03-15  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'github/pr/106'
2016-03-15  ILYA KhlopotovAdd test suite for chttpd_plugin 106/head
2016-03-15  ILYA KhlopotovAdd chttpd_plugin:before_serve_file/5 EPI hook
2016-03-15  ILYA KhlopotovIntroduce chttpd_plugin:before_response/4 EPI hook
2016-03-15  ILYA KhlopotovExtract handle_response function
2016-03-15  ILYA KhlopotovExtract basic_headers/2 function
2016-03-14  Alexander ShorinCache favicon for one year 104/head
2016-03-14  Robert KowalskiBackport CSP fix from couchdb-couch
2016-03-14  Jay DoaneEliminate unnecessary apply 107/head
2016-03-08  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'github/pr/105'
2016-03-08  ILYA KhlopotovFix dispatch to handle_error EPI hook 105/head
2016-03-03  ILYA Khlopotov Merge remote branch 'github/pr/101'
2016-03-03  ILYA KhlopotovSuppress log of a response for clustered interface 101/head
2016-03-03  ILYA KhlopotovTreat value passed in Origin as case sensitive
2016-03-03  ILYA KhlopotovStrip scheme out of Host for cors_section
2016-03-03  ILYA KhlopotovIntroduce vhosts configuration into CORS
2016-02-02  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/100'
2016-01-29  ILYA KhlopotovConvert all CORS headers config into lowercase 100/head
2016-01-29  ILYA KhlopotovAdding more tests for CORS
2016-01-29  ILYA KhlopotovIntroduce cors/exposed_headers config setting
2016-01-25  ILYA KhlopotovMake use of <<allow_headers>> option
2016-01-25  ILYA KhlopotovUse correct setting for AllowHeaders
2016-01-03  Alexander ShorinDon't crash on unknown request method
2015-12-21  Alexander ShorinAsk cassim for secObj value 96/head
2015-12-21  ermouthRewrite via query server
2015-12-20  Robert Newsonfix conflict case - COUCHDB-2082
2015-12-20  Robert NewsonCreate _design/_auth if missing in clustered users db
2015-12-18  Jan LehnardtMerge branch '1.x-compat'
2015-12-12  Jan Lehnardt1.x compat: update fun: allow docs with slash in id 1.x-compat 98/head
2015-12-12  Jan Lehnardt1.x compat: parse form data for externals on PUT in...
2015-11-24  Alexander ShorinProvide information about actual request path when... 54/head
2015-11-19  ILYA KhlopotovGet rid of confusing function 95/head
2015-11-19  ILYA KhlopotovRefactor logging statement
2015-11-19  ILYA KhlopotovDrop R14 support
2015-11-18  ILYA KhlopotovHandle errors from before_request/after_request
2015-11-10  Alexander ShorinFix compilation warning
2015-11-02  Klaus TrainerFix return types of responses to view requests 94/head
2015-11-02  Klaus TrainerDon't set random ETag header for `_all_docs` view 93/head
2015-11-02  Klaus TrainerDon't set random ETag header for views
2015-11-02  Jay DoaneExplicitly create admin user and authenticate requests... 91/head
2015-10-29  Alexander ShorinFix Last-Event-ID header handling for db changes feed 89/head
2015-10-29  Alexander ShorinAccept OPTIONS requests to list functions 88/head
2015-10-29  Alexander ShorinRestore HTTP 301 response for /db/_design%2fddoc/*... 87/head
2015-10-29  Alexander ShorinUpdate /_replicate handler and clean it from legacy... 86/head
2015-10-29  Alexander ShorinBackport content negotiation from couch_httpd_* 85/head
2015-10-27  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/81'
2015-10-27  Alexander ShorinFix replication when source/target are URLs
2015-10-22  Alexander ShorinFix start_couch test helper 84/head
2015-10-21  Alexander ShorinEscape database name on POST /_replicate
2015-10-20  Alexander ShorinUse real chttpd port for URI construct
2015-10-15  Alexander ShorinUse new couch_httpd_multipart API
2015-10-15  Alexander ShorinFix multipart stream refactor
2015-10-15  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/11'
2015-10-09  ILYA KhlopotovUse couch_epi:decide/5 for authenticate/authorize 81/head
2015-10-08  Robert NewsonCall parse_revs 80/head
2015-10-08  Robert Kowalskiremove dead code
2015-10-07  Alexander ShorinMake sure that database was created and deleted success...
2015-10-01  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/78'
2015-10-01  Alexander ShorinUpdate .travis.yml
2015-10-01  ILYA KhlopotovRemove chttpd_handlers:provider 78/head
2015-10-01  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/simplify_couch_epi'
2015-10-01  Robert NewsonProperly escape Location: HTTP header
2015-09-29  ILYA KhlopotovPass supervisor's children to couch_epi 77/head
2015-09-28  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate to new couch_epi API
2015-09-25  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2825-crypto...
2015-09-24  Robert NewsonLager is optional, don't start it here
2015-09-23  Robert NewsonFix crypto deprecations 76/head
2015-09-23  Robert NewsonFix test broken by 'Use illegal_docid error for really...
2015-09-22  Alexander ShorinUse illegal_docid error for really bad document ids 74/head
2015-09-22  Robert NewsonReject database names that cause enametoolong error 75/head
2015-09-17  Alexander ShorinImplement /db/_bulk_get endpoint 33/head
2015-09-17  Robert Newsonremove tabs
2015-09-16  Nick VatamaniucPOST to /{db}/_all_docs with invalid keys should return 400 73/head
2015-09-12  Robert NewsonRevert "add clusterwide compaction for dbs"
2015-09-10  Robert NewsonRemove new CSRF mechanism 71/head
2015-09-09  ILYA KhlopotovFix usage of lists:keyreplace 70/head
2015-09-08  Robert NewsonDon't insert nil into lru 69/head
2015-09-08  Robert Newsonremove tabs
2015-09-02  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2796-improve_per...
2015-09-02  ILYA KhlopotovRegister service 67/head
2015-09-02  ILYA KhlopotovUse ?SERVICE_ID macro
2015-09-02  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2775-post-valid...
2015-09-01  ILYA KhlopotovRemove `ignore_providers` option
2015-08-28  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2788-fix-override'
2015-08-27  Robert NewsonCapture histogram data for _bulk_requests 66/head
2015-08-27  Robert Kowalskiadd clusterwide compaction for dbs
2015-08-26  ILYA KhlopotovFix 'override' and 'override default' functionality 64/head
2015-08-25  Robert NewsonActually send an ETag for _view and _all_docs
2015-08-25  Robert NewsonEtag's require quotes
2015-08-25  Robert Newsonadd missing dbinfo metric
2015-08-25  Alexander ShorinThere is no binary_to_integer/1 in R14
2015-08-25  Alexander ShorinFix test after sequence format change
2015-08-22  Alexander ShorinIntegrate with Travis CI 63/head
2015-08-22  Alexander ShorinExpose node`s /_system endpoint
2015-08-21  Alexander ShorinEnsure that provided bind_address is correct 60/head
2015-08-19  Alexander ShorinFix cors tests