2 days ago  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #18 from apache/add-fbsd-info master
3 days ago  Joan TouzetAdding FreeBSD synth/iocage/jail Jenkins agent setup... 18/head
8 days ago  Joan Touzetfix incorrect emoji in
8 days ago  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #17 from apache/de-pkg
9 days ago  Joan TouzetOnly automate/build Docker images in this repo 17/head
2018-11-28  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #16 from apache/freebsd-python3
2018-11-28  Joan Touzetupdate freebsd deps for Python 3 16/head
2018-11-28  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #15 from apache/deb-python3-venv
2018-11-28  Joan Touzet[deb] add python3-venv pkg, see apache/couchdb#1764 15/head
2018-11-15  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #8 from apache/use-python3
2018-11-15  Nick VatamaniucSwitch scripts to use Python 3 8/head
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #12 from apache/faster-travis
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetAdd base-upload[-all] command, update README 12/head
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetSplit Travis into 3x the jobs (js, couch, couch-pkg)
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #11 from apache/pin-hypothesis
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetPin hypothesis to known good version 11/head
2018-10-23  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #10 from apache/fix-python-deps
2018-10-23  Joan Touzet[deb] Fix lintian rules so package builds succeed 10/head
2018-10-22  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #9 from apache/add-dh-python
2018-10-22  Joan Touzet[deb] Add dh-python helper 9/head
2018-08-08  iilyakMerge pull request #5 from cloudant/add-elixir
2018-08-08  ILYA KhlopotovAdd Elixir dependency 5/head
2018-08-08  iilyakMerge pull request #6 from cloudant/extra-dependencies
2018-08-08  ILYA KhlopotovAllow execution of custom scripts to install packages 6/head
2018-08-05  Joan TouzetMerge pull request #7 from apache/fix-travis
2018-08-05  Joan TouzetSplit platforms into separate Travis CI builds 7/head
2018-08-04  Joan TouzetDo not fail Erlang install if apt-get update fails
2018-07-13  Joan TouzetDocument 16B03 deprecation build steps remove-16-add-17
2018-07-10  Joan TouzetFully document script
2018-06-27  Joan TouzetAdd dependency installer for FreeBSD
2018-06-11  Joan TouzetFixes for Jenkins, pkg building
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetAlign with ASF Infra's jenkins uid/gid, fix build issues
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetRemove obsolete build script
2018-05-28  Joan TouzetConvert to shell script provisioning, drop ansible
2017-10-14  Joan TouzetFurther deprecation revert + more lintian fixes for...
2017-10-14  Joan TouzetFurther revert deprecation warning
2017-10-14  Joan TouzetFix travis build
2017-10-14  Joan TouzetRevert Ansible deprecation fix for CentOS
2017-10-14  Joan Touzetadd Travis build check
2017-10-12  Joan TouzetAddress deprecation warnings for Ansible
2017-10-12  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'add-debian-9' of
2017-10-12  Joan TouzetAdd new Sphinx documentation theme
2017-10-04  Robert HaistLimit patch to Debian 9 3/head
2017-10-03  Robert HaistFix build errors for spidermonkey and erlang 18.3
2017-10-01  Robert HaistFix executable flag for bash scripts
2017-09-30  Robert HaistAdd support for Debian 9 aka. stretch
2017-07-24  Joan TouzetAdd convenience pull-all script
2017-07-21  Joan TouzetUpdated images for non-root Jenkins+Docker builds
2017-06-28  Joan TouzetCompile SpiderMonkey 1.8.5 everywhere with --disable...
2017-05-23  Joan Touzetset +e so the script can handle failures
2017-05-23  Joan TouzetSupport logfile uploader, sudo, lintian-ubuntu
2017-05-07  Joan TouzetMore packaging support & bugfixes
2017-04-27  Joan Touzetadd debian/ubuntu packaging tooling
2017-04-27  Joan TouzetFix repo URL and build process
2017-04-12  Joan Touzetsquash me too
2017-04-12  Joan Touzetsquash me
2017-04-12  Joan TouzetChange build user to builder
2017-03-26  Joan TouzetCorrectly pass branch env var to Docker
2017-03-25  Joan TouzetSupport building from branches other than master
2017-03-24  Joan TouzetFix Centos 6 build (using Python 3)
2017-03-23  Joan TouzetSupport Ubuntu 12.04 (Erlang 18.3 only)
2017-03-23  Joan TouzetSupport CentOS 6 (18.3 only)
2017-03-23  Joan TouzetErlang 18.2 -> 18.3 (required for Ubuntu 16.04 support)
2017-03-22  Joan TouzetAdd support for Ubuntu 16.04
2017-03-22  Joan TouzetUpgrade node to 6.x / npm to 3.x
2017-03-19  Joan TouzetUpdate readme with latest developments
2017-03-19  Joan TouzetRemove LaTeX from build images
2017-03-18  Joan Touzetfix CentOS LaTeX and SM185 installs, update Debian...
2017-03-17  Joan TouzetFix CentOS build with newer Sphinx
2017-03-17  Joan TouzetFix comment in jenkins/
2017-03-17  Joan TouzetErlang 18->18.2; copy ansible into every image
2017-03-16  Joan TouzetAdd docker cleanup script
2017-03-16  Joan TouzetShorten Docker image names now that we have couchdbdev org
2017-03-16  Joan TouzetFix CentOS LaTeX build
2017-03-16  Joan TouzetFix ansible yum Centos package group install
2017-03-16  Joan TouzetSwitch from basti1302 to docker couchdbdev org
2017-03-16  Joan TouzetUpdate Git URL for gitbox
2016-02-27  Bastian Krollicense headers
2016-02-27  Bastian Krolremove file that had been committed accidentally
2016-02-27  Bastian KrolNode.js scripts to download all Jenkins logs and analyz...
2016-02-13  Bastian Krolsplit containers into base and erlang layers
2016-02-09  Bastian Krolsplit site.yml into yml files per configuration
2016-02-09  Bastian Kroluse jenkins/ when building locally
2016-02-08  Bastian Krolrun CentOS container with LD_LIBRARY_PATH option
2016-02-08  Bastian Krolrun CentOS container with LD_LIBRARY_PATH option
2016-02-08  Bastian Krolfix CentOS 7 with default Erlang
2016-02-08  Bastian Krolrun CentOS container with LD_LIBRARY_PATH option
2016-02-08  Bastian Kroladd CentOS 7
2016-02-03  Bastian Kroldo not use experimental base images
2016-01-30  Bastian Kroladd Debian 8
2016-01-27  Bastian Krolreverse directory hierarchy for shell scripts
2016-01-26  Bastian Kroladd Ubuntu 14.04 with default Erlang
2016-01-25  Bastian Krolscript to push container
2016-01-21  Bastian Kroladd script to run container based build on Jenkins
2016-01-21  Bastian Kroladd namespace to tag
2016-01-10  Bastian Krolcreate dist tarball first and then run "make all check... 2/head
2015-12-22  Bastian Krolremove rebar, CouchDB builds its own rebar as part... 1/head
2015-12-22  Bastian Krolopenssl is installed as a dep anyway
2015-12-22  Bastian KrolErlang 14 support has already been dropped
2015-12-22  Bastian Krolmake all check dist