descriptionApache CouchDB CI
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 5 May 2022 18:06:45 +0000 (14:06 -0400)
2022-05-05  Nick VatamaniucRock Linux 8 fixes main
2022-05-05  Will YoungMerge pull request #34 from lostnet/dropstretch
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucCleanup and fix RPM dependencies
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUse Rocky Linux instead of CentOS 8
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUpdate README with instructions on how to login with...
2022-05-04  Nick VatamaniucUpdate kerl erlangs to latest OTP versions
2022-04-27  Will YoungDrop support for Debian 9 (stretch) 34/head
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRemove always-outdated matrix, link to Docker Hub
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRestore old xplat support, add new buildx targets
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiChoose package repo dynamically
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiAdd image builder action
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRemove old Bintray reference
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiUse buildx plugin for multi-arch images
2022-04-26  Adam KocoloskiRestrict FDB to amd64 containers for now
2022-01-19  Adam KocoloskiAdd new images to keep
2022-01-15  Adam KocoloskiExpunge Travis from docs
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