Lower default couchdb:max_dbs_open value in test suite
[couchdb-config.git] / test /
2017-08-20  Joan TouzetLower default couchdb:max_dbs_open value in test suite reduce_default_max_dbs_open 17/head
2017-07-13  Paul J. DavisReplace couch_log calls with mocks 1.0.0
2017-05-22  Paul J. DavisMerge branch 'fix-eunit-tests'
2017-05-16  Paul J. DavisMake sure to stop the correct applications fix-eunit-tests 15/head
2017-05-16  Paul J. DavisLet test_util figure out our deps
2016-11-09  Nick VatamaniucFeatures API and implementation. 14/head
2016-08-24  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3102-fixup-for-config_sub...
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovAdd config_listener_mon:start_link/2 12/head
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3102-restart-monitor'
2016-08-19  ILYA KhlopotovMake sure we don't subscribe multiple times 11/head
2016-08-19  ILYA KhlopotovReturn `{ok, Pid}` from config_listener_mon:subscribe/2
2016-08-19  ILYA KhlopotovAdd config:subscribe_for_changes/1
2016-08-18  ILYA KhlopotovFix compilation warning
2016-08-18  ILYA KhlopotovConsider only needed handlers in n_handlers
2016-08-10  Paul J. DavisMerge branch '3096-fix-config-listener-accumulation'
2016-08-10  Paul J. DavisFix config listener event handler registration 10/head
2016-08-09  Paul J. DavisClean up config_tests
2016-08-05  Robert NewsonConsult default.d/local.d for ini files 9/head
2016-01-27  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/7'
2016-01-22  Jay DoaneDon't set real log levels in tests 7/head
2016-01-21  Jay DoaneRemove unnecessary application dependencies
2015-12-01  Alexander ShorinUpdate handlers counter in tests
2015-11-20  Klaus TrainerFix typo in tests: s/beahiour/behaviour/
2015-02-04  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2561-make-config...
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovEnforce type verification for config:set/get 2/head
2015-02-04  ILYA KhlopotovCallback driven API for config_listener behaviour
2015-01-29  ILYA KhlopotovChange setup/teardown logic and enable some tests
2015-01-29  ILYA KhlopotovRemove tests for dropped register functionality
2014-10-10  Robert Newsonstart couch_stats last to ensure we load couch_log...
2014-10-10  Robert Newsonstart couch_stats for test suite
2014-08-29  Russell BrancaUse couch_eunit include paths 1963-eunit-bigcouch 1/head 23/head
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaDisable problematic tests
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaThe couch_httpd port is now 5986
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaBe explicit about starting and stopping deps
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaSwitch to using config instead of couch_config
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaUse updated couch_eunit.hrl path macros
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaUpdate include paths
2014-08-28  Russell BrancaMove files out of test/couchdb into top level test...
2014-08-28  Alexander ShorinPort 083-config-no-files.t etap test suite to eunit
2014-08-28  Alexander ShorinPort 082-config-register.t etap test suite to eunit
2014-08-28  Alexander ShorinPort 081-config-override.t etap test suite to eunit
2014-08-28  Alexander ShorinPort 080-config-get-set.t etap test suite to eunit