2014-07-13  benoitcexpose couch_httpd:send_error 1994-merge-rcouch
2014-07-13  benoitcadd maintainance handler
2014-07-13  benoitcwrap the chunk fun so rcouch-couch doesn't depends...
2014-07-13  benoitcfix view changes filter check
2014-07-13  benoitcadd multi view queries support
2014-07-13  benoitcview changes: distinct deleted document from removed...
2014-07-13  benoitcview changes: fix json_req parsing
2014-07-13  benoitcdisplay deleted keys change
2014-07-13  benoitccorrectly pass timeout and heartbeat options.
2014-07-13  benoitcfix typo
2014-02-13  Peter LemenkovAdopt to the recent erlang-oauth (1.3+)
2014-02-13  benoitccouch_replicator: add replication using changes in...
2014-02-13  benoitccouch_httpd_changes: check removed keys from the view...
2014-02-13  benoitccouch_index: add background indexing facility
2014-02-13  benoitcadd the option use_index={no,yes} (yes by default)
2014-02-13  benoitcadd supports of view changes in the _changes API
2014-02-13  benoitcextract couch_httpd changes API in its own module
2014-02-13  NickNorthSpeed up and move couch_httpd:find_in_binary.
2014-02-13  Adam KocoloskiMove addition of qs params after normalization
2014-02-13  benoitcfix rebarclean
2014-02-13  benoitccouch_server_sup -> couch_sup
2014-02-13  benoitca more descriptive comment of the listener reloading...
2014-02-13  benoitcexport couch_httpd:set_auth_handlers/0
2014-02-13  benoitconly display sasl reports on error. be less verbose...
2014-02-13  benoitcunbreak js test and display a report
2014-01-11  benoitcmake couch_httpd a full couch application