update_histogram with timing of a function
[couchdb-couch-stats.git] / src /
2014-11-02  Robert Newsonupdate_histogram with timing of a function histogram-fun 3/head
2014-10-31  Benjamin AndersonLog notifications for missing metrics 2/head
2014-09-04  Mike WallaceFix "Avoid recreating all metrics on reload"
2014-09-03  Robert NewsonRevert "Avoid recreating all metrics on reload"
2014-09-03  Mike WallaceAvoid recreating all metrics on reload
2014-09-02  Robert Newsoninclude gauges
2014-09-02  Robert NewsonMost stats files are called stats_descriptions.cfg
2014-08-29  Robert Newsonsupport numeric keys
2014-08-29  Robert Newsonremove twig references (again)
2014-08-29  Robert NewsonHonor ?flush=true for _stats call
2014-08-23  Paul J. DavisAdd sub-stat access at the HTTP layer
2014-08-23  Paul J. DavisFormat nested functions properly
2014-08-23  Robert NewsonRemove log statement
2014-08-23  Robert NewsonAdd http endpoint
2014-08-19  Paul J. DavisAdd license headers to source files
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonMake couch_stats_process_collector ets table public
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonStore tracked processes in ets rather than dict
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonSimplify couch_stats_aggregator:reload_metrics/0
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonLog unknown messages instead of crashing
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonUse loaded_applications/0 instead of which_applications/0
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonDon't hoist application names in to stat reload logic
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonSimplify stat reloading functionality
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonHandle the proper existing metric error atom
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonRename couch_stats_stats_collector to couch_stats_aggre...
2014-08-19  Benjamin AndersonInitial code drop