2016-09-20  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:74046-authentication_db... test-branch 259/head
2016-09-20  ILYA KhlopotovMake sure clustered authentication_db is sys_db 198/head
2016-09-20  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:define_couch_version'
2016-09-16  ILYA KhlopotovDefine COUCHDB_VERSION macro 199/head
2016-09-16  ILYA KhlopotovRemove rebar.config
2016-09-16  ILYA KhlopotovRevert "Get couch version from environment not git"
2016-09-16  ILYA KhlopotovRevert "get version from environment in cross-platform...
2016-09-16  ILYA KhlopotovPartial revert Fix Windows version string determ.."
2016-09-12  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'fix-windows-version' of https://github...
2016-09-12  Joan TouzetFix Windows version string determination 197/head
2016-09-12  Robert Newsonget version from environment in cross-platform way
2016-09-11  Robert NewsonGet couch version from environment not git
2016-09-11  Joan TouzetMerge branch '3140-disable-queue-as-fifo-test' of https...
2016-09-11  Joan TouzetDisable should_process_waiting_queue_as_fifo test 196/head
2016-09-10  Robert NewsonFix unused variables warning
2016-09-09  Randall Leedsoption to disable runtime code evaluation
2016-09-01  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3114-fix-docid-validation'
2016-09-01  Eric AvdeyFix validation for ddoc name 193/head
2016-08-31  Jan Lehnardtfeat: allow couchspawnkillable to live in directories...
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3102-fix-config_subscription'
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovUse `define` to avoid repeating yourself 192/head
2016-08-23  ILYA KhlopotovUpdate handle_config_terminate API
2016-08-16  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'cloudant:66640-simplify-proc_manager'
2016-08-16  Eric AvdeyAdd tests for process pool 191/head
2016-08-16  Eric AvdeySimplify proc manager assignment logic
2016-08-10  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3080-fix-validate_dbname'
2016-08-09  ILYA KhlopotovFix the case when DbName contains path to db file 188/head
2016-08-09  ILYA KhlopotovFactor out maybe_remove_extension/1 function
2016-08-04  Robert Newsonupdate tests for COUCHDB-3084
2016-07-27  Robert NewsonDon't set "authenticated" if party_mode_handler sets... 189/head
2016-07-22  Paul J. DavisStart couch_log for tests
2016-07-18  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:70457-use-couch_epi-decide'
2016-07-18  ILYA KhlopotovName test cases 187/head
2016-07-18  ILYA KhlopotovUse couch_epi:decide for validate_dbname
2016-07-16  Jan Lehnardttest: use global test timeout macro, should fix test...
2016-07-14  Joan TouzetFix Windows-specific definition
2016-07-14  Joan Touzetremove unneded include
2016-07-13  Joan TouzetMerge branch '3040-skip-os-daemon-tests' of https:...
2016-07-13  Joan TouzetSkip couchdb_os_daemons_tests on Windows 184/head
2016-07-12  Paul J. DavisMerge branch '3057-add-couch-js-sleep-test-suite-helper'
2016-07-12  Paul J. DavisAdd sleep as a test suite function 183/head
2016-07-06  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:remove_upgrade_password_hash'
2016-07-06  ILYA KhlopotovRemove maybe_upgrade_password_hash 182/head
2016-07-06  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'cloudant:changes-tests-refactoring'
2016-07-06  Eric AvdeyFix typo in a test label 180/head
2016-07-06  Eric AvdeyMonitor changes consumer in the tests
2016-07-06  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'cloudant:64790-fix-changes-view...
2016-06-24  Eric AvdeyAdd fast_view filter to changes clustered access 181/head
2016-06-24  Eric AvdeyAdd the tests for _view filtered changes
2016-06-23  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:fix_some_specs'
2016-06-22  ILYA KhlopotovRemove dead code 179/head
2016-06-22  ILYA KhlopotovFix some dialyzer warnings
2016-06-22  ILYA KhlopotovFix couch_key_tree:merge_extend arg types
2016-06-22  ILYA KhlopotovDead code elimination
2016-06-21  Robert NewsonRemove race condition-prone upgrade_on_auth code
2016-06-20  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:2847-list_when_no_rows'
2016-06-17  ILYA KhlopotovAdd test suite for _list functionality 178/head
2016-05-25  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:fix-some-type-errors'
2016-05-25  ILYA Khlopotovcouch_proc_manager:remove_proc expects #proc_int{}... 176/head
2016-05-25  ILYA Khlopotovgen_server: handle_call suppose to return `{reply,...
2016-05-25  ILYA Khlopotovcouch_file:process_info can return `undefined`
2016-05-25  ILYA Khlopotovget_user_creds can receive nil as first arg
2016-05-24  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'github/pr/175'
2016-05-19  Eric AvdeySet default_security for oauth tests to everyone 175/head
2016-05-18  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:create_db_if_missing'
2016-05-17  ILYA KhlopotovSupport create_if_missing option in couch_db:open 174/head
2016-05-17  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'github/pr/173'
2016-05-16  Eric AvdeyAdd stats counters for exceed_eof and exceed_limit 173/head
2016-05-16  Eric AvdeyImplement config parameter max_pread_size
2016-05-16  Eric AvdeyRaise exception on attempt of reading beyound end of...
2016-05-16  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2863-fix-couch...
2016-05-16  Paul J. DavisFix couch_key_tree:get_key_leafs/2 167/head
2016-05-16  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/2863-export...
2016-05-15  Robert NewsonAdd admin_local - halfway between the two schemes 172/head
2016-05-15  Robert NewsonAllow customisation of default security object 171/head
2016-05-03  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'github/pr/169'
2016-05-03  Eric AvdeyRaise an exception on corrupt binary decompression 169/head
2016-05-03  Eric AvdeyAdd tests for couch_compress module
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyMerge remote branch 'github/pr/161'
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyAllow to specify context of file deletion 161/head
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyExtend `enable_database_recovery` behaviour to views...
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyAdd `delete_after_rename` config parameter
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyRename option `rename_on_delete` to `enable_database_re...
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyExplicitly update mtime of the renamed files
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyMove all functions related to file deletion in `couch_f...
2016-04-28  Eric AvdeyMake couch_server:delete_file response to match couch_f...
2016-04-28  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:1425-fix-character-advanc...
2016-04-27  ILYA KhlopotovUndo our character advancement when we fixup 168/head
2016-04-21  Paul J. DavisExport couch_key_tree:merge/2 166/head
2016-04-21  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'cloudant:3001-use-ioq-for-prompt'
2016-04-21  ILYA KhlopotovUse ioq to separately prioritise prompt requests 165/head
2016-04-19  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'github/pr/160'
2016-04-19  ILYA KhlopotovChange normalize_dbname semantic add dbname_suffix 160/head
2016-04-19  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'cloudant/couchdb-2834'
2016-04-19  Nick VatamaniucWhen reading attachments, avoid closing connections... 164/head
2016-04-18  Jan Lehnardtheaders specified in a JS rewrite can come back as...
2016-04-15  Nick VatamaniucImplement Mango selectors for change feeds 162/head
2016-04-12  Garren SmithCreate md5 etag for _local docs local-docs-2978 159/head 257/head
2016-04-07  ILYA KhlopotovRevert "Merge remote branch 'github/pr/158'"
2016-04-07  ILYA KhlopotovMerge remote branch 'github/pr/158'