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2020-09-15  Nick Vatamaniuc[RFC] Replicator Implementation for CouchDB 4.x (#581)
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2020-05-20  garren smithRFC for Mango on FDB (#407)
2020-05-13  Nick Vatamaniuc[RFC] Background index building in CouchDB 4 (#542)
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2019-11-21  Nick Vatamaniuc[RFC] Introduce CouchDB node types (#457)
2019-10-10  Adam KocoloskiRFC on implementation of _changes feed in FoundationDB...
2019-09-23  iilyakMerge pull request #440 from cloudant/011-opentracing...
2019-09-23  ILYA KhlopotovRFC-011 : Opentracing support 440/head
2019-09-18  Nick VatamaniucRFC for CouchDB background jobs (#409)
2019-09-17  Adam KocoloskiAdd latest RFC draft for FDB revision storage (#397)
2019-09-17  Adam KocoloskiRFC for document storage (#403)
2019-06-14  iilyakMerge pull request #415 from cloudant/rfc/009-exunit
2019-06-14  ILYA KhlopotovAdd rfc for using ExUnit for unit tests 415/head
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2019-03-19  Nick VatamaniucAdd Shard Splitting RFC (#400)
2019-03-12  Joan TouzetAdd new RFC directory with approved template (#398)