7 days ago  Edwin FineDocument changes to the `couchdb` start script (#227) master
2017-12-26  Thibault Jan... fix typo
2017-12-26  Thibault Jan... fix `make check` issues
2017-12-26  Thibault Jan... add issue #979 to known issues in documentation
2017-12-23  Juanjo RodriguezFix two broken links in javascript.rst and collation...
2017-12-23  Juanjo RodriguezFix broken link in Generate Replication ID section...
2017-12-15  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #220 from apache/fix-auth-handler...
2017-12-15  Adam KocoloskiUse the correct module for cookie and default auth 220/head
2017-12-08  Jonathan HallMention that attachments aren't included in doc size...
2017-12-08  Jonathan HallRe-write the bulk doc transaction description to reflec...
2017-12-08  Jonathan HallUse standard names for HTTP statuses 405 and 415 (...
2017-11-29  Jonathan HallUpdate multipart/* docs (#214)
2017-11-19  Jonathan HallMention X-Couch-Full-Commit header for PUT ..{att}...
2017-11-19  Jonathan Hall304 doesn't make sense for HEAD/GET (#213)
2017-11-19  Jonathan HallMention the bookmark field in the results (#209)
2017-11-19  Jonathan HallBetter documentation for 'batch mode' (#211)
2017-11-19  Jonathan HallMinor formatting improvement (#212)
2017-11-17  Jonathan HallUpdate _all_docs documentation (#203)
2017-11-17  Jonathan HallDocument the 'info' field of the scheduler doc (#204)
2017-11-17  Jonathan HallMention _config/_local in docs (#208)
2017-11-15  Zero KingFix CVE link (#206)
2017-11-14  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #205 from apache/2017-CVEs 2.1.1
2017-11-14  Jan Lehnardtlint 205/head
2017-11-14  Jan Lehnardtlink CVEs in release notes
2017-11-14  Jan Lehnardtport 1.7 release notes
2017-11-14  Jan Lehnardtadd CVEs 2017-12635 and 2017-12636
2017-11-07  Joan TouzetAdvertise stretch packages (#202)
2017-11-07  Joan TouzetFurther clarify vm.args change (#200)
2017-11-07  Joan TouzetClarify change to default node name in 2.1.1 (#199)
2017-11-07  Joan TouzetCorrect RHEL instructions, fixes apache/couchdb#956...
2017-11-07  Diana ThayerUpdate performance.rst (#198)
2017-11-02  Joan TouzetClarify chttpd vs. httpd for bind_address/port (#195)
2017-11-01  Joan TouzetUpdates for 2.1.1-RC2 (#193)
2017-11-01  Daniel RobertsClean up wording in "Add, then delete" section (#192)
2017-10-30  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #191 from ElmoVanKielmo/couchdb...
2017-10-30  ElmoVanKielmoCorrected documentation to fix 191/head
2017-10-28  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #188 from apache/contentMD5
2017-10-28  Jan LehnardtMerge branch 'master' into contentMD5 188/head
2017-10-28  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #189 from apache/putAttWithoutRev
2017-10-28  Jan LehnardtMerge branch 'master' into putAttWithoutRev 189/head
2017-10-28  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #190 from apache/typo
2017-10-27  Jonathan Hall500 shouldn't happen any more 190/head
2017-10-27  Jonathan HallGrammar correction
2017-10-27  Jonathan HallMake "copy to existing document" capabilities more...
2017-10-26  Jonathan HallUpdate the PUT {attachment} docs to reflect observed...
2017-10-26  Jonathan HallRemove mention of Content-MD5 header, which isn't present
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallUpdate Whatsnew docs to accurately reflect config chang...
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallSpelling corrections and formatting improvements (...
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallMerge pull request #183 from apache/oauthref
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallRemove obsolete OAuth reference 183/head
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallMerge pull request #180 from apache/status413
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallFix a couple typos, and add links 180/head
2017-10-23  Jonathan HallDocument that a 413 status may be returned.
2017-10-19  Ben SandbergMinor changes (#179)
2017-10-19  Joan TouzetAdd 2.1.1 release notes
2017-10-16  Stephen DavesFix typo
2017-10-12  Joan TouzetDocument cluster config settings
2017-10-12  Joan TouzetImprove docs on bumping fd limits
2017-10-09  Jonathan HallMerge pull request #172 from apache/explain
2017-10-09  Jonathan HallFields is an array, not an object 172/head
2017-10-09  Jonathan HallSpelling correction
2017-10-04  Diana Thayercompacter is enabled by default.
2017-09-30  Joan Touzethttpd->chttpd for 2.x proxy auth and SSL support
2017-09-30  Joan TouzetImprove docs on increasing max file handle limits
2017-09-29  Eric AvdeyUpdate description of a database info reply (#168)
2017-09-27  Nick VatamaniucFix typo in config/replicator.rst
2017-09-27  Nick VatamaniucUpdated documentation for new replicator retries_per_re...
2017-09-26  Eric AvdeyUpdate info on cluster configuration
2017-09-21  Will Holleyadd documentation for partial indexes (#163)
2017-08-30  Will HolleyAPI documentation for mango execution stats (#160)
2017-08-22  Jonathan HallMerge pull request #156 from flimzy/qsaf
2017-08-22  Jonathan HallMerge pull request #159 from flimzy/authclarify
2017-08-21  Jonathan HallRewrite much of the Query Server documentation for... 156/head
2017-08-18  Jonathan HallClarify and expand on GET /_session response 159/head
2017-08-16  garren smithadd docs around pagination (#158)
2017-08-09  garren smithadd prefer: return=minimal documentation (#157)
2017-08-01  Joan TouzetUpdate how-to-build info
2017-07-30  Joan TouzetFully document _cluster_setup endpoint for 2.1 2.1.0
2017-07-30  Jonathan HallFormat 'add_fun' as command, not sub-command
2017-07-30  Joan TouzetFix bad formatting in release notes
2017-07-29  Joan TouzetAdd Debian repo signing info
2017-07-28  Joan TouzetLighten text in logo
2017-07-28  Joan TouzetTransition to sphinx_rtd_theme (#154)
2017-07-27  Joan TouzetUpdate for ini file handling under 2.x (#152)
2017-07-27  Joan TouzetAdvertise convenience binaries for installation (#153)
2017-07-27  Jonathan HallFind API uses JSON body, not query parameters (#148)
2017-07-27  andydonzelliUpdate sharding.rst (#151)
2017-07-25  Joan TouzetUpdate 2.1 What's New document (#150)
2017-07-19  Robert NewsonPOST /dbname should not return ETag response header...
2017-07-19  Robert Newsonremove blank line at end
2017-07-19  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #146 from apache/fix/cluster-node...
2017-07-19  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #144 from calonso/patch-1
2017-07-19  Robert NewsonMerge pull request #147 from apache/remove_per_module_l...
2017-07-19  Robert Newsonremove 'Per module logging' as the feature is gone... 147/head
2017-07-19  Jan Lehnardtfix: node doc delete missing ?rev 146/head
2017-07-19  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #145 from apache/628-stable-update...
2017-07-16  Jan Lehnardtfeat: document stable/update/stale options for _find 145/head
2017-07-14  Carlos AlonsoRemove trailing whitespaces 144/head
2017-07-14  Carlos AlonsoUpdate confusing note on dd copy operation
2017-07-09  Joan TouzetRemove OAuth documentation