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2018-11-21  Martin BarthMore information about replication. Fixes #346 (#349)
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2018-09-12  Martin BarthFixed typo in vm.args example (#324)
2018-09-03  Joan Touzetfeed->timeout bug, closes apache/couchdb#1592 (#322)
2018-08-21  Peng Hui JiangMerge pull request #285 from cloudant/COUCHDB-3326...
2018-08-21  Mayya SharipovaDocumentation on clustered purge 285/head
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2018-08-16  ILYA KhlopotovRemove documentation for removed node local _restart API 311/head
2018-08-16  ILYA KhlopotovDocument 'POST /_node/{node-name}/_restart'
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2018-08-08  Joan TouzetDisclose CVE 2018-11769 2.2.0
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2018-08-01  Joan Touzetcloses #303, set perms correctly
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2018-07-19  Jan LehnardtMerge pull request #299 from apache/fix/prox
2018-07-19  Jan Lehnardtfeat: remove proxy docs, as they don’t work in 2.x 299/head
2018-07-19  Jan Lehnardtput 2.x-relevant documentation before 1.x-relevant...
2018-07-18  Joan TouzetMerge branch 'master' into update-sharding-docs
2018-07-18  Aleksandar... Configure cluster Erlang port range using vm.args
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2018-07-12  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: add CVE-2018-8007 to 1.7.x and 2.1.x release...
2018-07-10  Joan TouzetDrop unsupported node query server, plugins from 2.x
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2018-07-04  Robert Newsonreplication does not do sub-document updating no-subdoc-update 283/head
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2018-06-13  Diana Thayerdocument couchdb/default_security 281/head
2018-06-13  Diana ThayerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2018-06-06  Adam KocoloskiDocument the _approx_count_distinct builtin
2018-06-06  Adam KocoloskiExpand the existing docs on builtin reducers
2018-05-29  Nick VatamaniucFix sphinx 1.7.5 build
2018-05-25  Jonathan HallMigrate some FAQ material to the Best Practices documen...
2018-05-16  Jan Lehnardtremove mentions on external process shenanigans
2018-05-11  Amos HayesCallout the 4GB -> 64MB limit change (#274)
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