2013-10-14  Alexander ShorinBetter temp fix.
2013-10-14  Alexander ShorinTemporary fix for quick search form layout on RTD site.
2013-10-14  Alexander ShorinFix quick search from non-top level articles.
2013-10-11  BigBlueHatFixed `method` terminology usage w/database
2013-10-04  Jan Lehnardtadd plugins.html & pagination.rst to Makefiles
2013-10-03  Dirkjan OchtmanAdd note about COUCHDB-1901 to changelog.
2013-10-03  Dirkjan OchtmanFix changelog formatting, order.
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardt[doc] fix commit ref
2013-10-03  Alexander ShorinFix build warnings.
2013-10-03  Alexander ShorinFix broken reference to config option.
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtupdate reference
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtreference plugins in exprimental features
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtupdate changelog
2013-10-03  Klaus TrainerAdd 'html/experimental.html' to ''
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtprefer install from source
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd differences notice
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd docs
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardt[docs] re-add plugins dir config section
2013-10-03  Dirkjan OchtmanInitial stab at 1.5 changelog.
2013-10-02  Dirkjan OchtmanCorrect path to OS X install docs, thanks to Garren.
2013-10-02  Dirkjan OchtmanRevert to checking both files, but give .in priority.
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanUpdate build system to deal with disappearance of gento...
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanReorganize index a bit, add more topics.
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanRename Data Replication section to just Replication.
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanThe Gentoo section doesn't provide any useful informati...
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanFor consistency, always look at for...
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanTweak section subtitles on the index page.
2013-10-01  Dirkjan OchtmanLanguage tweaks for http/compaction configuration refer...
2013-10-01  Alexander ShorinAdd configuration domain.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinImport Security chapter from Guide to CouchDB. Describe...
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinMake HTTP domain default one.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinAdd notes about multipart/related API requests.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinDescribe POST /db/_changes and builtin filters.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinPrepare for 1.5.0 release.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinAdd about page with CouchDB license.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinProvides short description for the HTTP API reference...
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinStabilize order of HTTP API reference entries.
2013-09-28  Alexander ShorinNormalize API path's params names.
2013-09-28  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: update the updates
2013-09-27  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: update api/database section
2013-09-27  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: ensure scope of server administrator is clear
2013-09-27  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: update changes
2013-09-27  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: update bulk-api
2013-09-27  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: basics.rst extend floating point explanation
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinFix main TOC tree reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinLimit sections enumeration.
2013-09-27  Dave Cottlehuberdocs: use sphinx automatic version numbers for protocol...
2013-09-27  Dirkjan OchtmanImprove grammar, text flow in new configuration docs.
2013-09-27  Dirkjan OchtmanRemove duplicate MacPorts instructions.
2013-09-27  Dirkjan Ochtmanfix problem when LOCAL_VERSION_RELEASE isn't set
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinAdd missed theme's files.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinMake main page a bit nicer and friendly.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinSwap maintenance-replication sections.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinDescribe some performance tips.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinMake builtin reduce functions definition referenceable.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinOpen CouchDB maintenance section about keeping CouchDB...
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinPreserve valid JSON output.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinImport introduction to the API from Guide to CouchDB.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinWrong image for temporary views.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinAdd missed figure 7.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate images to 1.4.0
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinFix markup for PUT /{db}
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinAdd download page.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinBetter release version for non-bootsrapped CouchDB.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinBetter introduction into CouchDB.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinAdd missed Replication-Git comparison authorship.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinRemove duplicate content.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate intro response.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinExternals API article cleanup.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUse own template to override the defaults.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUse acinclude.m4 as single source of project information.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinIgnore Python's bytecode files.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinRespect copyright on content from external sources.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinShow more content from the main page.
2013-09-27  Filippo FaddaChanged Mac OS X section
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinSource article remembers old map function. Now it's...
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinFix dead reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinRemove API tables in favor of reference index.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Render functions API reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Rewrite API reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinHandle ANY method as placeholder for any HTTP request...
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Views API Reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinImport pagination recipe from Guide to CouchDB.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate base DDoc API referece.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinSome markup fixes.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinView _all_docs is map-only.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinFix typos and namings.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Attachments API reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinBe project-neutral.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Document API ref.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinRevert local things.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinBetter API index naming.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinDon't group items in HTTP API reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinDisable common index reference. We're not using it...
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinSupport Destination header.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinMove POST /db method to Database API reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Temporary views API reference.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinFix PUT /db/_security metainfo.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinAdd missed HTTP params.
2013-09-27  Alexander ShorinUpdate Database Security API reference.