Add error_name/1
[couchdb-erlfdb.git] / test /
2020-11-16  Nick VatamaniucIdempotent snapshot handle setting v1.2.3
2020-04-23  Nick VatamaniucAvoid the system key range in the eunit test random... v1.1.0
2020-04-23  Nick VatamaniucAllow setting some default transaction options on the...
2020-04-22  Nick VatamaniucImplement has_watches(Tx) transaction flag
2020-01-25  Nick VatamaniucAdd transaction option to disallow writes
2020-01-07  Nick VatamaniucBump API level to 620
2019-11-25  Nick VatamaniucMerge pull request #9 from cloudant-labs/add-get-error...
2019-11-25  Nick VatamaniucExpose error string description function in the API
2019-10-29  Paul J. DavisAdd instructions on running the fdb bindingtester
2019-05-02  Paul J. DavisAdd get_next_tx_id API
2019-04-26  Paul J. DavisAdd utilities for creating test clusters
2019-02-25  Paul J. DavisMatch Python catching all exceptions
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisImplement the DirectoryLayer
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix wait_for_empty calls in concurrent testing
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisUse the new snapshot object for API tests
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix test runs with concurrency
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisSimplify clearing the stack
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisMove py_repr to erlfdb_util:repr
2019-02-12  Paul J. DavisLock transactions to the process that created them
2019-02-10  Paul J. DavisRename erlfdb_layer_tuple to erlfdb_tuple
2019-02-09  Paul J. DavisImplement driver for fdb bindingstester
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisInitial Import