2019-02-25  Paul J. DavisMatch Python catching all exceptions
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisImplement the DirectoryLayer
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix wait_for_empty calls in concurrent testing
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisUse the new snapshot object for API tests
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix test runs with concurrency
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisSimplify clearing the stack
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisMove py_repr to erlfdb_util:repr
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix the `contains` check for subspaces
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisAdd compatibility shim
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix HCA module
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisAdd support for snapshots as a transaction object
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisImprove handling of futures
2019-02-22  Paul J. DavisFix tuple mutation macros
2019-02-15  Paul J. DavisReplace subspace usage with macros
2019-02-15  Paul J. DavisAdd a utility module for reusable functions
2019-02-12  Paul J. DavisImplement a high contention allocator
2019-02-12  Paul J. DavisLock transactions to the process that created them
2019-02-12  Paul J. DavisFix typo in function head for future_is_ready
2019-02-12  Paul J. DavisSupport 64bit integers in atomic operations
2019-02-11  Paul J. DavisImplement the subspace layer
2019-02-10  Paul J. DavisRename erlfdb_layer_tuple to erlfdb_tuple
2019-02-09  Paul J. DavisImplement driver for fdb bindingstester
2019-02-09  Paul J. DavisSupport packing versionstamps in the tuple layer
2019-02-09  Paul J. DavisFix bugs found using FoundationDBs bindings tester
2019-02-09  Paul J. DavisFix iterating over key/value arrays
2019-02-07  Paul J. DavisAdd missing void future type
2019-02-07  Paul J. DavisTidy up API implementation
2019-02-07  Paul J. DavisAdd string and keyvalue future callbacks
2019-02-07  Paul J. DavisFix bug when creating futures
2019-02-06  Paul J. DavisImplement Erlang API
2019-02-01  Paul J. DavisInitial tuple comparison implementation
2019-01-31  Paul J. DavisImplement tuple layer encoding
2019-01-30  Paul J. DavisImplement set_option APIs
2019-01-30  Paul J. DavisImplement network_set_option
2019-01-30  Paul J. DavisAdd IS_ATOM helper
2019-01-30  Paul J. DavisList option names for specs
2019-01-30  Paul J. DavisImplemented the rest of the API
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisImplmeented transaction commit APIs
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisImplemented transaction side effect APIs
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisMore transaction APIs implemented
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisInitial work on transaction APIs
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisImplement cluster and database creation
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisAdd create_cluster callback
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisAdd base future functions
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisAdd network thread creation and destruction
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisAdd network configuration outline
2019-01-29  Paul J. DavisInitial Import