Pass the storage engine option to RPC workers
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2015-05-12  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2526-pending-updat...
2015-03-04  Robert Kowalskireadme: change to couchdb project
2012-06-14  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #40 from cloudant/13421-changes...
2012-06-01  Adam KocoloskiMerge branch '1.6.x'
2012-04-24  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #41 from cloudant/13414-mem3-cache-lru
2012-04-19  Paul J. DavisUpgrade to new mem3 shards API
2011-01-04  Adam KocoloskiFix build instructions (there is no Makefile)
2010-08-28  Brad Andersonadd back in for apps