2016-03-30  Robert Newsonreturn packed update_seq (WIP) 2849-update_seq_view
2016-03-15  Eric AvdeyExtent fetch ddoc logic for view filtered changes feeds 40/head
2016-03-04  Mike WallaceAvoid spamming logs with write_quorum errors
2016-03-02  ILYA Khlopotov Merge remote branch 'github/pr/39'
2016-02-29  Nick VatamaniucRemove configurable replicator db name 39/head
2016-02-10  Russell BrancaMerge branch '2938-use-ddoc-cache-in-filtered-changes'
2016-02-10  Russell BrancaSupport fetch ddoc logic for filtered changes feeds 2938-use-ddoc-cache-in-filtered-changes 37/head
2016-02-10  Mike WallaceReturn forbidden error if encountered on any shard
2016-01-21  Benjamin BastianAdd owner of shard to last_seq of changes response
2015-10-27  Alexander ShorinFix incorrect size values for view index information 34/head
2015-10-07  Alexander ShorinUpdate .travis.yml
2015-10-02  Nick VatamaniucFix eunit tests. 32/head
2015-09-22  Robert Newsonfix assertions: first arg is 'expected'
2015-09-22  Robert NewsonDon't create dbs doc if shard files fail for enametoolo... 31/head
2015-09-22  Robert NewsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'smithsz/2819-db-create...
2015-09-22  Sam SmithCheck if a DB exists prior to creating 30/head
2015-09-22  Bryan GreenAdded counter metric for fabric-worker-timeout.
2015-09-12  Robert NewsonRevert "add clusterwide compaction for dbs"
2015-08-27  Robert Kowalskiadd clusterwide compaction for dbs
2015-08-24  Robert NewsonUse BigCouch/Cloudant seq format
2015-08-24  Alexander ShorinIntegrate with Travis CI 29/head
2015-08-19  Klaus TrainerFix type specs
2015-08-13  Robert Newsonfabric:cleanup_index_files should check mrview/ directories 25/head
2015-08-11  ILYA KhlopotovUse `couch_db:validate_dbname/1` 24/head
2015-07-22  Adam KocoloskiMerge branch '2724-chunked-buffering'
2015-07-15  Mike WallaceRestrict views in the authentication DB to admins
2015-07-15  Mike WallaceMove is_*_db funs and helpers to fabric_util
2015-06-24  Adam KocoloskiExecute a callback at end of each traversal 2724-chunked-buffering 22/head 96/head
2015-06-17  Alexander ShorinRemove meck twig:log/3
2015-06-15  ILYA KhlopotovUse couch_db:normalize_dbname 21/head
2015-06-11  Alexander ShorinRevert "Module-wide s/proplists:get_value/couch_util...
2015-06-09  Mike WallaceModule-wide s/proplists:get_value/couch_util:get_value/ merge-diff-from-cloudant-fork 20/head
2015-06-03  Robert Newsonexport dbname/1
2015-06-03  Robert NewsonAdd ability to gracefully terminate existing changes...
2015-06-03  Eric AvdeyProvide an access to a document info
2015-05-19  Robert Newsonuse the right config section for clustered authenticati...
2015-05-12  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/2526-pending-updat...
2015-04-24  Russell BrancaFix typo
2015-04-09  Robert NewsonHandle case in fake_db where there's no user context
2015-03-31  Robert NewsonCall the correct before_doc_update arity 2643-fix-arity
2015-03-26  ILYA KhlopotovRename variables for clarification of intend 9/head
2015-03-26  ILYA KhlopotovAdd updates_pending field to get_view_group_info
2015-03-04  Robert Kowalskiadd license file
2015-03-04  Robert Kowalskireadme: change to couchdb project
2015-02-28  Robert Kowalskiremove compile warning 16/head
2015-02-26  Alexander ShorinUse list of system database names
2015-02-11  Will HolleyRespect doc_options during _all_docs serialization
2015-02-05  Alexander ShorinFix waterfall of `rexi_server error:badarg` errors
2015-02-03  Will HolleyRespect doc_options during _changes serialization
2015-02-03  Will HolleyRespect conflicts=true when collecting clustered changes
2015-01-31  Will HolleyHandle empty list of id/revs in fabric_doc_missing_revs:go
2015-01-30  Alexander ShorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'iilyak/1145-_local_docs...
2015-01-26  Alexander ShorinUse ADMIN_CTX macro from couch_db.hrl
2014-12-22  ILYA KhlopotovFix incomplete spec of fabric:get_view_group_info
2014-12-19  ILYA KhlopotovDon't do manual filtering of _design docs 8/head
2014-12-16  Paul J. DavisMerge branch '2517-open_revs=all-function_clause'
2014-12-16  ILYA KhlopotovExit early when there is a quorum but list of docs...
2014-12-12  Paul J. DavisMerge branch '2510-add-system-db-handlers'
2014-12-12  Paul J. DavisAdd system db handlers to fabric_doc_update 2510-add-system-db-handlers 6/head 94/head
2014-10-10  Alexander ShorinFix compilation warning
2014-09-30  Robert NewsonDon't flatten iolist
2014-09-30  Robert NewsonReturn unauthorized error if encountered on any shard
2014-09-24  Alexander ShorinUse couch_log instead of ?LOG_*
2014-09-15  Robert NewsonRestore write_quorum_errors metric collection
2014-09-12  Robert NewsonDon't receive foreign rexi replies
2014-09-10  Mike WallaceTeach fabric_util:get_db/2 about maintenance mode 2325-teach-fabric-get_db-about-maintenance-mode
2014-09-10  Mike WallaceMove maintenance_mode to the couchdb section
2014-09-09  Paul J. DavisAllow clients to pass a db record to query_view
2014-08-22  Robert NewsonExpose new size values windsor-merge 102/head
2014-08-22  Paul J. DavisPass #changes_args.db_open_options to couch_db:open/2
2014-08-21  Paul J. DavisUpdate fabric to use couch_stats
2014-08-15  Paul J. DavisAdd a no-options adapter to all_docs.
2014-08-14  Paul J. DavisFix use of the rexi:stream2 API
2014-08-13  Paul J. DavisFix merge of new changes behaviors
2014-08-08  Robert Newsonsquashme! stream_last
2014-08-07  Robert Newsonsquashme! use stream2
2014-08-01  Mike WallaceConsistently log fabric worker timeouts
2014-08-01  Benjamin BastianSet non-interactive default for set_security
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisClear worker references for get_shard_replacements
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisFix fabric_db_update_listener code upgrades
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiInclude epoch node in seqs and replacement logic
2014-08-01  Brian MitchellMove attachment code into couch_att
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiAvoid badarith error during cluster upgrade
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiMake _changes?descending=true aware of maint. mode
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisFix logging of errors in _all_docs open_doc calls
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisDon't attempt to replace replacement shards
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisOnly attempt replacement when we have replacements
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisThrow errors when starting changes streams
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisLog errors when doc reads fail for _all_docs
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisBe defensive when calcualting pending_count
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiCollect pending counts and report sum at end
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiReport number of pending changes in shard
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiRefactor payload to simplify coordinator
2014-08-01  Adam Kocoloski[2/2] Use proplist instead of #change record
2014-08-01  Paul J. DavisAdjust replacement rewind exclusion
2014-08-01  Adam Kocoloski[squash] add deprecation info
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiUse smarter replacements for stream_start failures
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiUse smarter seqs when original shard is down/gone
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiCalculate safe worker seq on shard replacement
2014-08-01  Adam KocoloskiReport errors opening documents during _all_docs