2013-01-18  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #49 from avasenin/fix-eunit-tests
2013-01-17  Andrey VaseninFix eunit folsom_erlang_checks test
2013-01-03  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #47 from basho/jdb-faster-slide...
2013-01-02  Scott Lystig... Fix EUnit failures that should've been fixed before...
2013-01-02  Joseph BlomstedtImprove performance of slide histogram
2013-01-02  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #46 from basho/rdb-counter-clear
2013-01-02  Russell BrownExpose the clear/1 fun from counter in the folsom api
2012-12-19  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #45 from basho/adt-speedups
2012-12-18  Andrew ThompsonPerformance improvements to spiral, counter, histogram...
2012-12-05  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #43 from Ubiquiti-TeleFi/boundary
2012-12-05  Paul OliverAdd new timed update begin/notify functions
2012-12-03  joewilliamsbump bear
2012-10-15  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #42 from Ubiquiti-TeleFi/boundary
2012-10-15  Paul OliverRemove dead code
2012-10-09  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #40 from juise/master
2012-10-09  Petrovsky AlexanderAdd ewma for day suport, add tests
2012-10-06  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #39 from juise/master
2012-10-06  Petrovsky AlexanderUnregister a timer for deleted meters
2012-09-26  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #36 from danielwhite/fix_system_info...
2012-09-26  Daniel WhiteFix handling of c_compiler_used when only a major versi...
2012-09-25  joewilliamsclean up and log cpu test case
2012-09-25  joewilliamsbetter cpu topology test coverage
2012-09-25  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #37 from lemenkov/sysinfo_single_cpu...
2012-09-25  Peter LemenkovFix for single-core CPU
2012-09-18  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #35 from DeadZen/patch-1
2012-09-18  DeadZenComment out deprecated system_info field
2012-09-08  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #33 from basho/rdb-no-more-now
2012-09-08  Russell BrownUse os:timestamp over locky erlang:now
2012-08-29  joewilliamsan attempt to fix a few different cases in convert_cpu_...
2012-08-27  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #31 from campanja/master
2012-08-27  Fabian Linzbergersupport n-ary metric initialization from application...
2012-08-24  joewilliamsbump bear dep
2012-07-16  joewilliamsquotes
2012-07-16  joewilliamsuse bear tag
2012-07-11  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #29 from basho/rdb-docs
2012-07-11  Russell BrownAdd new metric and sample types to README
2012-07-10  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #28 from basho/master
2012-07-05  Russell BrownAdd a 'spiral' one minute sliding window count/meter
2012-06-01  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #26 from basho/rdb-slides-squash
2012-06-01  Russell BrownAdd a hybrid sliding window/uniform sample to bound...
2012-06-01  Russell BrownAdd a sliding window sample type for histograms
2012-05-31  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #24 from basho/rdb-duration-metric
2012-05-31  Russell BrownAdd test for duration metric
2012-05-30  Russell BrownAdd 'duration' metric as an extension of histogram
2012-05-29  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #23 from paulperegud/bug/fix_sample_...
2012-05-28  Paul Peregudfix error in sample_uniform that caused non-random...
2012-05-28  Paul Peregudadd test for sample_uniform bug
2012-05-27  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #22 from basho/rdb-history-ets-name
2012-05-24  Russell BrownUse anonymous table for history (like histogram reservoir)
2012-05-01  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #19 from etrepum/folsom-stop
2012-05-01  Bob Ippolitofix typo in folsom:stop/1
2012-05-01  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #18 from etrepum/folsom-as-an-app
2012-05-01  Bob Ippolitomake folsom an application, have folsom:start/0 use it
2012-05-01  Bob Ippolitoadd deps and .eunit to .gitignore
2012-04-26  joewilliamsmore efficient decrement
2012-04-24  joewilliamssome exdec sanity check guards
2012-04-20  joewilliamsfix tests for new exdec impl
2012-04-20  joewilliamsuse ets internal counters for sample size and use lists...
2012-04-20  joewilliamsexdec based on ets
2012-04-20  joewilliamsexpotentially decaying sample fixes
2012-04-19  joewilliamsfix rescale corner case
2012-04-18  joewilliamsreadme update
2012-04-18  joewilliamsreadme update
2012-04-18  joewilliamsadd ets/dets info to vm metrics
2012-04-17  joewilliamsreadme update for meter reader
2012-04-16  joewilliamsfix meter reader test
2012-04-16  joewilliamsmeter reader initial merge
2012-04-12  joewilliamserror out for info and get_values if the metric doesnt...
2012-04-03  joewilliamsfix cpu topo conversion on SMP machines
2012-03-30  joewilliamsroadmap
2012-03-30  joewilliamsuse bear for stats functions
2012-03-11  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #12 from johannesh/patch-1
2012-03-11  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #15 from Erkan-Yilmaz/master
2012-03-10  Erkan Yilmaztypos
2012-02-09  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #13 from techtraits/master
2012-02-09  Bilal SheikhFix the computation of bins for histogram
2012-01-27  joewilliamsfix corner cases in kurt, skew and bin updates
2012-01-24  joewilliamsfix binning corner cases
2011-12-16  joewilliamsguard against too few values in a histogram sample
2011-12-16  joewilliamsattempt at better dynamic histogram binning
2011-12-09  joewilliamshave histogram ets tables created by a folsom process
2011-12-09  Johannes HuningFix typos in
2011-12-07  joewilliamsdynamic histogram buckets
2011-12-07  joewilliamsremove clear function for histograms
2011-12-07  joewilliamsfix up exdec sample random seeding
2011-12-07  joewilliamsget rid of unused functions
2011-12-07  joewilliamsheader white space
2011-12-07  joewilliamsmake sure to clean up sample ets tables
2011-12-07  joewilliamsfix geo mean test
2011-12-07  joewilliamsuse ets for reservoir on uniform and none sample types
2011-12-07  joewilliamsmake sure hist value lengths are the same for correlations
2011-12-07  joewilliamshistogram stats speed improvements, thanks nygge
2011-12-07  joewilliamsuse 1 as geometric mean sub value
2011-12-07  joewilliamsfix for divide by zero in histogram stats
2011-12-01  joewilliamswhite space
2011-11-30  Joe WilliamsMerge pull request #9 from dietrichf/master
2011-11-30  Dietrich Featherstoninclude count in visible meter data
2011-11-30  joewilliamsmore histogram checks
2011-11-30  joewilliamschange timed histogram updates to use timer:tc and...
2011-11-22  joewilliamssimplify timer server state and make sure multiple...