descriptionApache CouchDB
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 14 Mar 2015 18:54:34 +0000 (19:54 +0100)
2015-03-14  Robert Kowalskiadd license master
2014-11-20  Alexander ShorinUpdate jquery.ui to 1.10.4 version
2014-10-31  Nikolai TeofilovReplicate only specified document ids
2014-10-31  Alexander ShorinShow decoded database names in the recently used list
2014-10-31  Alexander ShorinFuton: support document copying
2014-10-31  Alexander ShorinUpdate jQuery UI to 1.9.2
2014-10-31  Alexander Shorinjquery.couch: fix document copying
2014-04-09  Robert Newsonfix test assertion
2014-03-27  Robert Newsons/401/403
2014-03-25  Robert NewsonConfigurable upper bound to _uuids count parameter
2014-03-11  Dale HarveyMore deferred support to jquery.couch.js
2014-03-11  telis94Add deferred support to jquery.couch.js
2014-03-04  Keith GableUse $.inArray instead of indexOf for IE8 compatibility.
2014-02-23  Klaus TrainerUpgrade password hashes on authentication
2014-02-23  Klaus TrainerRemove client-side password crypto from JS tests
2014-02-16  Robert Kowalskiremove superfluous 'user_doc.type'
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