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2013-10-07  Jan LehnardtMerge branch 'remove-e4x-tests'
2013-10-03  Jan LehnardtMerge branch '1888-fix-user-fields-disabled-for-admins'
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtunlink plugins from Futon & Fauxton
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardthook up futon to /_plugins
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterDisable link to Futon test suite
2012-12-11  Noah SlaterAdd docs and search links into Futon
2011-07-18  Jan LehnardtAdd a "Verify Installation" page to Futon.
2011-04-16  Jan LehnardtAdd "change password" feature to Futon.
2010-01-18  John Christopher... normalize userCtx name and roles, also, no log in via...
2010-01-07  John Christopher... merge account branch to trunk
2009-07-23  Christopher LenzAllow the Futon sidebar to be moved out of the way...
2009-07-14  Noah Slateradded licence check, and licence.skip
2009-01-26  Christopher LenzAdd a page to Futon that shows the currently active...
2009-01-09  Christopher LenzRefactoring in Futon to clean up interactions between...
2009-01-08  Christopher LenzGet rid of the iframe structure in Futon to allow easy...