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[couchdb-futon.git] / status.html
2011-11-09  Randall Leedsremove version number from futon static resources
2011-11-03  Filipe David Borba... Fix active tasks Futon screen date display
2011-09-17  Filipe David Borba... Improved _active_tasks API
2011-07-19  Jan LehnardtUpdate jQuery to 1.6.2.
2011-07-02  Filipe David Borba... Add datetime fields to task statuses
2010-02-22  Christopher LenzUpdate jQuery to 1.4.2.
2010-01-19  Christopher LenzUpgraded jQuery to 1.4.0.
2010-01-18  John Christopher... need to add sha1.js to allow account creation on status...
2010-01-18  John Christopher... added jquery.dialog to status.html page
2009-12-11  Christopher LenzFuton: Improve storage of session state by storing...
2009-12-10  Christopher LenzFuton: Update all the cache invalidation query strings...
2009-07-14  Noah Slaterwheeeeeeee
2009-01-26  Christopher LenzAdd a page to Futon that shows the currently active...