2013-11-19  Russell BrancaRemove old jshint.js
2013-11-13  Ben RussellCOUCHDB-1930 - fix - Futon, create New Document and...
2013-10-07  Jan LehnardtMerge branch 'remove-e4x-tests'
2013-10-03  Jan LehnardtMerge branch '1888-fix-user-fields-disabled-for-admins'
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadmins can always read all doc fields, regardless of...
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtunlink plugins from Futon & Fauxton
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtonly install plugins if their CouchDB version matches...
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd `uninstall()`, removed unneeded aplication:load...
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtcheck if plugins are already installed& better install...
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtadd couchperuser
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardtupdate hash & version for faux geocouch release
2013-10-03  Jan Lehnardthook up futon to /_plugins
2013-10-02  suelockwoodCompiled Fauxton for experimental release.
2013-09-30  Jan Lehnardtremove E4X tests
2013-08-07  Jan Lehnardtadd `users_db_public` config var
2013-08-07  Jan Lehnardtfix test for 8d7ab8b. cc COUCHDB-1838
2013-08-03  Dirkjan OchtmanMerge remote-tracking branch 'adamlofts/1493-fix-zeroby...
2013-07-24  Alexander ShorinApply _list functions for _all_docs view. COUCHDB-1139
2013-07-23  Adam LoftsAdd tests for COUCHDB-1493
2013-07-20  Damjan GeorgievskiSupport Last-Event-ID header for eventsource changes...
2013-06-21  Robert NewsonAdd a configurable whitelist of public user props
2013-05-31  Jason Smith... Allow storing a pre-hashed admin password
2013-04-23  Robert NewsonAdd tests for passwords beginning with :
2013-04-05  Wendall CadaPUT call to database that is not guaranted to exist.
2013-04-05  Wendall CadaCreating existing database causes test to fail. Allowin...
2013-04-05  Wendall CadaEnsure that waitForSuccess calls have return values.
2013-03-27  Johannes J... Test form-urlencoded doc update
2013-03-27  Johannes J... Test attachment upload via multipart/form-data
2013-03-15  Jan LehnardtReally fix `make check-js`. Sorry.
2013-03-15  Jan Lehnardtfix `make check-js`
2013-03-14  Jan LehnardtDo not run attachment_ranges.js in Chrome as Chrome...
2013-03-10  Noah SlaterDisable link to Futon test suite
2013-02-17  Robert NewsonReset rewrite counter on new request
2013-02-11  Robert NewsonMerge branch '1675-fix-roles-validation'
2013-02-10  Robert NewsonOnly allow strings in user doc "roles" array
2013-02-08  Jan Lehnardtrefactor replicator_db_security to be more resilient
2013-02-08  Jan Lehnardtsplit replicator_db tests
2013-01-26  Jan LehnardtAvoid badmatch when replicator dbnames have leading...
2013-01-12  Jan Lehnardtupdate jquery to 1.8.3
2013-01-08  Jan LehnardtSend attachment headers in multipart responses
2012-12-19  Robert NewsonIgnore multipart epilogue
2012-12-19  Robert NewsonImprove script url validation
2012-12-14  Dave CottlehuberUse non-compressed Content-Type in attachments test...
2012-12-11  Noah SlaterAdd docs and search links into Futon
2012-12-05  Jan Lehnardtuse more docs in view_compaction test to ensure a diffe...
2012-11-28  Caleb CaseCOUCHDB-430,514,764 Fix list HTTP header handling.
2012-11-21  Robert NewsonReturn X-Couch-Id from show functions if doc is created
2012-11-21  Robert Newsontest for 1608
2012-11-21  Robert NewsonRevert "Document Id and Rev in response headers" patch
2012-11-13  Jan LehnardtWork around race conditions in tests on faster hardware.
2012-11-02  Benjamin NortierTest the X-Couch-Id header
2012-11-01  Mike McKayMerged pull request #7 from @mikeymckay, with thanks
2012-10-25  Robin Berjondisallow https for remote loading as well
2012-10-24  Keks KeksovCOUCHDB-1563 ensures urlPrefix is set in all ajax requests
2012-10-24  Alexander ShorinEnsure JSpec tests are actually run. Continued in COUCH...
2012-08-31  Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1026 - encode database name when rewriting
2012-08-06  NickNorthAdd utc_id_suffix UUID algorithm
2012-07-30  Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1511 - User docs require doc.roles
2012-06-22  benoitcsince=now. Get changes from now. close #COUCHDB-1501
2012-06-17  Adam LoftsAdd test cases for empty keys query parameter
2012-06-16  Anthony S BakerCOUCH-1470 - added error handling for opening missing...
2012-06-16  Ewan McDougallUse ajax helper function for _session GET request to...
2012-05-26  Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1483 - Update handlers must produce valid doc ids
2012-05-23  Anthony S BakerCOUCHDB-1473 & COUCHDB-1472 - Futon: disable buttons...
2012-05-16  benoitcfix changes test to make it wokr on all browsers
2012-05-16  benoitcfix whitespaces
2012-05-16  benoitcadd Server-Sent Events protocol to db changes API....
2012-04-26  Robert NewsonUse TEquals for great good
2012-04-25  Ronny PfannschmidtLimit rewrite recursion depth
2012-04-25  Ronny PfannschmidtDo not overwrite X-CouchDB-Requested-Path
2012-04-25  Paul Joseph... Fixing the replicator_db JS test
2012-04-25  Paul Joseph... Fix race condition in the auth db creation
2012-04-25  Paul Joseph... Fix random failures in replication.js test
2012-04-06  Robert NewsonCOUCHDB-1060 - Fix tests
2012-03-29  Robert NewsonSimplify changes.js test
2012-02-22  Filipe David... Fix fold reduce with non-inclusive end key
2012-02-21  Jan Lehnardtmake /_users/_changes admin-only
2012-02-21  Jan Lehnardtfix comments & whitespace in tests
2012-02-18  Sam BisbeeCOUCHDB-1381 - Don't call alert() from jquery.couch.js
2012-02-13  Jan LehnardtAdd artificial delay to admin-creation to work around...
2012-02-13  Jan Lehnardtfix whitespace
2012-01-27  Randall LeedsFix JS tests for COUCHDB-1338
2012-01-27  Randall LeedsCOUCHDB-111 and COUCHDB-1389 JS Error Tracebacks
2012-01-24  Sam BisbeeFixing COUCHDB-1383: update the in memory state of...
2012-01-08  Randall Leedsimprove the startup delay for js test harness
2012-01-07  Robert NewsonCache-bust every attachment range GET
2012-01-07  Jan LehnardtAdd a cache buster for Chrome to attachment_ranges...
2012-01-05  Filipe David... Remove console.log() statements from test
2012-01-04  Filipe David... Allow OAuth credentials to be stored in user documents
2012-01-03  benoitcFix admin users creation and user password change in...
2012-01-03  Jan LehnardtJavaScript tests for System Database Security
2012-01-03  Jan Lehnardtfix whitespace
2012-01-03  Jan Lehnardtremove trailing whitespace
2011-12-16  Filipe David... Clear credentials cache if _users db crashes
2011-12-12  Randall Leedsfix COUCHDB-1361 - unquoted port in js config test
2011-12-05  Filipe David... Include replicion doc id in _active_tasks
2011-12-05  Filipe David... Add stats to replication docs
2011-12-02  Filipe David... Fix replicator db changes loop crash after _security...
2011-11-18  Bob DionneFailing test for duplicates in bulk docs
2011-11-13  Jan LehnardtFix OAuth validation when using the rewriter.