2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberbump libcURL to 7.23.1 and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberbump ICU to 4.6.1 and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberupdate to Erlang/OTP R14B04
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberrevert OpenSSL to 0.9.8r and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberupdate wxWidgets to 2.8.12 and support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberupdate all compilers to support SDK 7.1
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberremove obsolete docs
2011-12-30  Dave Cottlehuberremove OTP & CouchDB patches that are now included...
2011-11-01  Dave Cottlehubersupport CouchDB 1.1.1 and new git repo
2011-09-12  Dave CottlehuberMerge branch 'master' of to...
2011-09-12  Dave CottlehuberMerge branch 'windows_sdk_7.0'
2011-09-12  Dave Cottlehubertidyup of win32 curl for trunk and js185 configure release/sdk_7.0 6/head
2011-09-12  Dave CottlehuberICU no longer requires cygwin to build
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehuberfixed missing link to patches for COUCHDB-1197
2011-09-07  Dave CottlehuberMerge branch 'windows_sdk_7.0'
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehuberhousekeeping
2011-09-07  Dave CottlehuberMerge branch 'master' into windows_sdk_7.0
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehubermixed bag of doc changes and helper scripts
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehubermisc patches for CouchDB
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehuberrevert to vcbuild approach as nmake omits OpenSSL libraries
2011-09-07  Dave CottlehuberMerge branch 'master' into windows_sdk_7.0
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehuberimprove Spidermonkey docs post testing
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehuberupdate LibcURL and more doc tweaks
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehubericu test & fixes, fix indentation screwed up previously
2011-09-07  Dave CottlehuberMerge branch 'master' into windows_sdk_7.0
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehuberdocs update
2011-09-07  Dave Cottlehubermore doc cleanups
2011-09-06  Dave Cottlehuberupdate README again post testing
2011-09-06  Dave CottlehuberREADME corrections!
2011-09-06  Dave CottlehuberCouchDB trunk no longer needs curl at all
2011-09-05  Dave Cottlehuberalign environment variable names between Erlang build...
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehubertweak to support using Windows SDK 7.0 and assume only...
2011-09-03  Dave CottlehuberTidyup docs after next testbed run for Erlang/OTP build
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberdoc correction for wxWidgets
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehubersupport SpiderMonkey 1.8.0 and 1.8.5 directly to match...
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberadd notes for future static build of OpenSSL + Erlang/OTP
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberdocument building of ICU now with cygwin/make
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberautomate building of libcurl and update docs
2011-09-03  Dave Cottlehuberadd cmake - required for building libcurl
2011-09-02  Dave Cottlehuberclean up
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberremove %GLAZIER% and assume git or zip repo is unpacked...
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehubertidy up compilers docs
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberhopefully improved README
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberdocument SSL and wxWidgets scripted build under Windows...
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberseparate out downloads file for using with aria2 &...
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberexclude downloaded source, archives, disk images
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberadd wxWidget docs and prep for Windows SDK 7.0
2011-09-01  Dave CottlehuberSupport using Windows SDK 7.0 and assume only Windows...
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberswitch to using mklink instead of external junction...
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehubersupport building from Windows SDK 7.0
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehuberadd missing Erlang otp_build eval in manual steps
2011-09-01  Dave Cottlehubernew scripts to support using Windows SDK 7.0 as toolcha...
2011-09-01  Dave CottlehuberForce dynamic binding of OpenSSL
2011-08-19  Dave Cottlehubertrimmimg the build chain
2011-07-28  Dave Cottlehuberfirst attempt at including Spidermonkey 1.8.5 release/sdk_7.0_vs2008sp1
2011-07-28  Dave Cottlehubersmarter build scripts that use git more effectively
2011-07-28  Dave Cottlehuberadd comments on using static build and cached config
2011-07-28  Dave Cottlehubermove to version-independent curl bin build
2011-07-28  Dave Cottlehuberget spider monkey to build static as well
2011-06-08  Dave Cottlehuberhelper script when running under Mac OS X & VMware...
2011-06-08  Dave Cottlehuberglazier changes to enable static libraries
2011-06-08  Dave Cottlehuberrevert erlang support for dynamic usage of SSL - static...
2011-06-08  Dave Cottlehuberbackported to support Erlang/OTP R14B01 re COUCHDB-963
2011-06-08  Dave Cottlehuberbump core scripts to use build from source for all...
2011-06-08  Dave Cottlehuberupdate to supporting binaries
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberbump erlang preferred versions
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberbump to curl 7.21.5
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberuseful windows shortcuts
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberuse git instead to get glazier updates
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberadditional scripts to build subcomponents
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberfix git windows/unix confusion
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberbump to curl 7.21.5 and newer spidermonkey location
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehubernot required to compile erlang or couchdb anymore
2011-05-16  Dave Cottlehuberraw patches against CouchDB and Erlang/OTP for improved...
2011-03-17  Dave Cottlehuberimprovements for locating vcredist in newer windows...
2011-03-17  Dave Cottlehuberdocument wxwidgets overlay to avoid manually changing...
2011-03-17  Dave Cottlehuberrevert botched windows EOFs in
2011-03-17  Dave Cottlehuberbump to openssl_1_0_0d
2011-03-17  Dave CottlehuberEdited bits/curl_source.txt via GitHub
2011-03-17  Dave CottlehuberEdited bits/md5sums.txt via GitHub
2011-03-17  Dave Cottlehuberbump to OpenSSL 1_0_0d; md5sums.txt still TBD
2011-03-16  Dave CottlehuberLicence clarified ASF same terms as CouchDB
2011-02-12  Dave Cottlehuberwhitespace cleanup
2011-02-12  Dave Cottlehubermucky markdown tabs muddled up
2011-02-12  Dave Cottlehuberrefining manifest & build dependencies on vcredist_x86.exe
2011-02-12  Dave Cottlehuberupdate README for CouchDB 1.0.2 release
2011-02-12  Dave Cottlehubercleanup of bitrot & removed compatibility drift.
2011-02-06  Dave Cottlehuberupdate to spidermonkey
2011-02-06  Dave Cottlehuberclean up download URLs: ICU, Spidermonkey
2011-01-22  Dave Cottlehuberpartial changes to move from seamonkey to spidermonkey
2011-01-17  Dave Cottlehuberfirst chunk of seamonkey updates
2011-01-17  Dave Cottlehuberinclude aria2c for faster concurrent downloads
2011-01-17  Dave Cottlehuberbitrot updates to bring source build current at 2011...
2010-11-27  Dave Cottlehuberclean markdown + updates for internet bit rot
2010-10-27  dchpart fixes for manifest issue
2010-10-02  dchsupport R13B04, R14A, R14B and updated md5sums from...
2010-09-30  dchupdates for current bitrot, md5 and fix ordering in...
2010-09-26  dchprelim changes to support R14A & B only for Couch depen...
2010-09-15  dchnew wxMSW functions, minor junction.exe bug, full end...
2010-09-15  dchupdated md5 checks