Open global changes db with admin context
[couchdb-global-changes.git] / src / global_changes_httpd.erl
2014-08-22  Paul J. DavisFix race condition by relying on admin only windsor-merge
2014-08-07  Robert NewsonAdd ASF license
2014-08-07  Benjamin BastianMake changes_callback end request when limit=1
2014-08-07  Paul J. DavisThis was a silly off-by-one error while counting
2014-08-07  Benjamin BastianFix limit=N for non-admins by counting post-filter
2014-08-07  Paul J. DavisFix changes API usage for new pending values
2014-08-07  Benjamin BastianFix heartbeat=true for db_updates feeds
2014-08-07  Benjamin BastianAdd the initial version of the global_changes app.