2022-06-18  Cole Arendtset minimal permissions for each workflow
2022-06-18  Cole Arendtupdate workflows to use submodule actions and clone...
2022-06-18  Cole Arendtadd submodules for third-party github actions
2022-06-17  Will HolleyMerge pull request #80 from colearendt/add-ci
2022-06-17  Cole Arendtmake discussed changes to chart-test.yaml 80/head
2022-05-27  Cole Arendtadd rebuild, releaser, and test actions
2022-05-27  Cole Arendtadd rebuild script for index.yaml
2022-02-26  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish master couchdb-3.6.1
2022-02-26  Adam KocoloskiGenerate a unique Erlang cookie by default (#68)
2022-01-30  Francisco Alberto... Add helm post-install hook to automate placement taggin... couchdb-3.6.0
2022-01-24  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish couchdb-3.5.2
2022-01-24  William BartholomewFix Ingress definition
2022-01-24  William BartholomewUpdate tests to use current versions
2022-01-24  William BartholomewUse v1 instead of v1beta for Ingress
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish couchdb-3.5.1
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiUpdate to CouchDB 3.2.1
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiRoll deployment if auth secrets change
2022-01-13  Francisco Alberto... Add topologySpreadConstraints parameter to be used... couchdb-3.5.0
2022-01-07  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #38 from apache/annotations_fix
2022-01-07  Adam KocoloskiPublish updated chart 38/head couchdb-3.4.1
2022-01-07  Will HolleyFix chart rendering when annotations specified
2022-01-07  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #60 from apache/update-pages-deploy...
2022-01-06  Adam KocoloskiDeploy GH Pages from main, add branch protection 60/head
2021-11-11  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #57 from sag/expose-prometheus
2021-11-01  Stephen GregoryBump chart to 3.4.0 CouchDB to 3.2.0 57/head couchdb-3.4.0
2021-09-09  Will HolleyMerge pull request #54 from apache/update-couchdb-311
2021-07-19  Adam KocoloskiBump default CouchDB version to 3.1.1 54/head couchdb-3.3.4
2021-07-19  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #51 from KognitionAI/main
2021-07-07  Jim CarrollFix broken test due to a linting failure of values... 51/head
2021-07-07  Jim CarrollUpdate the apiVersion since the previous one appears...
2020-11-16  Will HolleyMerge pull request #31 from robsonvn/patch-1
2020-07-20  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #25 from apache/update-clouseau...
2020-07-20  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish 25/head couchdb-3.3.3
2020-07-20  Adam KocoloskiUpdate Search image to provide Clouseau 2.17.0
2020-06-27  Will HolleyMerge pull request #34 from borigas/master
2020-06-26  Ben OrigasUpdate chart and index 34/head couchdb-3.3.2
2020-06-26  Ben OrigasAdd default values for annotations
2020-06-13  Robson NascimentoAdd doc to use Authenticate Basic with require_valid_user 31/head
2020-06-03  Will HolleyMerge pull request #29 from apache/natcohen-patch-1
2020-06-03  Will HolleyFix tests 29/head
2020-06-03  Will HolleyPublish 3.3.1 chart couchdb-3.3.1
2020-06-02  natcohenAutomatically Roll Deployments 27/head
2020-06-02  natcohenUpdate Chart.yaml
2020-06-02  natcohenHandle when chttpd.require_valid_user_except_for_up...
2020-05-22  Will HolleyPrehashed pw (#26) couchdb-3.3.0
2020-02-24  Will HolleyMerge pull request #21 from arnediekmann/sidecar
2020-02-24  Arne DiekmannBump chart version to 3.2.0 21/head couchdb-3.2.0
2020-02-24  Arne DiekmannAdd test config for sidecar containers
2020-02-24  Arne DiekmannAdd whitespace in values.yaml to pass linting
2020-02-20  Arne DiekmannAdd sidecar option to README
2020-02-20  Arne DiekmannAdd support for arbitrary sidecar containers
2020-01-08  Will HolleyFix overwriting createdDate for old chart versions...
2020-01-06  Will HolleyMerge pull request #17 from aikoven/support-configuring...
2020-01-06  aikovenBump chart version 17/head couchdb-3.1.0
2019-12-25  aikovenSupport configuring liveness and readiness probes
2019-11-20  Arne DiekmannRequire a server instance UUID (#15) couchdb-3.0.0
2019-11-01  Will HolleyMerge pull request #8 from arjun-1/bugfix-ingress
2019-11-01  Arjun DhawanBugfix: fixes wrong Values iteration in ingress host 8/head couchdb-2.4.1
2019-10-31  Will HolleyMerge pull request #5 from apache/update-gh-pages
2019-10-31  Will HolleyMerge pull request #2 from apache/port-helm-prs
2019-10-31  Will HolleyBump chart version to 2.4.0 2/head couchdb-2.4.0
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd credits
2019-10-31  Will HolleyUpdate to support kube 1.16 changes
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd optional network policy
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd ServiceAccount support
2019-10-31  Will HolleyInclude pod tolerations in statefulset
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd support for pod annotations
2019-10-31  Will HolleyMerge pull request #6 from arjun-1/configurable_path
2019-10-30  Arjun DhawanAdd configurable path 6/head couchdb-2.3.0
2019-10-29  Will HolleySwitch gh-pages to use master/docs 5/head
2019-10-28  Will HolleyMerge pull request #1 from apache/tests
2019-10-28  Will HolleyAddress review comments 1/head couchdb-2.2.0
2019-10-22  Will HolleyMaintain chart repo in master branch
2019-10-17  Will HolleyAdd e2e testing
2019-10-17  Will HolleyAdd GitHub templates
2019-10-16  Will HolleyMove chart to subdirectory
2019-10-09  Will HolleyREADME and LICENSE
2019-10-09  Will HolleyInitial import from