9 days ago  Will HolleyMerge pull request #87 from colearendt/fix-ci main
11 days ago  Cole Arendtmake ci lint/install run based on paths 87/head
11 days ago  Cole Arendtset minimal permissions for each workflow
11 days ago  Cole Arendtupdate workflows to use submodule actions and clone...
11 days ago  Cole Arendtadd submodules for third-party github actions
12 days ago  Will HolleyMerge pull request #80 from colearendt/add-ci
12 days ago  Cole Arendtmake discussed changes to chart-test.yaml 80/head
2022-05-27  Cole Arendtadd rebuild, releaser, and test actions
2022-05-27  Cole Arendtadd rebuild script for index.yaml
2022-02-26  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish master couchdb-3.6.1
2022-02-26  Adam KocoloskiGenerate a unique Erlang cookie by default (#68)
2022-01-30  Francisco Alberto... Add helm post-install hook to automate placement taggin... couchdb-3.6.0
2022-01-24  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish couchdb-3.5.2
2022-01-24  William BartholomewFix Ingress definition
2022-01-24  William BartholomewUpdate tests to use current versions
2022-01-24  William BartholomewUse v1 instead of v1beta for Ingress
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish couchdb-3.5.1
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiUpdate to CouchDB 3.2.1
2022-01-13  Adam KocoloskiRoll deployment if auth secrets change
2022-01-13  Francisco Alberto... Add topologySpreadConstraints parameter to be used... couchdb-3.5.0
2022-01-07  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #38 from apache/annotations_fix
2022-01-07  Adam KocoloskiPublish updated chart 38/head couchdb-3.4.1
2022-01-07  Will HolleyFix chart rendering when annotations specified
2022-01-07  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #60 from apache/update-pages-deploy...
2022-01-06  Adam KocoloskiDeploy GH Pages from main, add branch protection 60/head
2021-11-11  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #57 from sag/expose-prometheus
2021-11-01  Stephen GregoryBump chart to 3.4.0 CouchDB to 3.2.0 57/head couchdb-3.4.0
2021-09-09  Will HolleyMerge pull request #54 from apache/update-couchdb-311
2021-07-19  Adam KocoloskiBump default CouchDB version to 3.1.1 54/head couchdb-3.3.4
2021-07-19  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #51 from KognitionAI/main
2021-07-07  Jim CarrollFix broken test due to a linting failure of values... 51/head
2021-07-07  Jim CarrollUpdate the apiVersion since the previous one appears...
2020-11-16  Will HolleyMerge pull request #31 from robsonvn/patch-1
2020-07-20  Adam KocoloskiMerge pull request #25 from apache/update-clouseau...
2020-07-20  Adam KocoloskiBump chart version and publish 25/head couchdb-3.3.3
2020-07-20  Adam KocoloskiUpdate Search image to provide Clouseau 2.17.0
2020-06-27  Will HolleyMerge pull request #34 from borigas/master
2020-06-26  Ben OrigasUpdate chart and index 34/head couchdb-3.3.2
2020-06-26  Ben OrigasAdd default values for annotations
2020-06-13  Robson NascimentoAdd doc to use Authenticate Basic with require_valid_user 31/head
2020-06-03  Will HolleyMerge pull request #29 from apache/natcohen-patch-1
2020-06-03  Will HolleyFix tests 29/head
2020-06-03  Will HolleyPublish 3.3.1 chart couchdb-3.3.1
2020-06-02  natcohenAutomatically Roll Deployments 27/head
2020-06-02  natcohenUpdate Chart.yaml
2020-06-02  natcohenHandle when chttpd.require_valid_user_except_for_up...
2020-05-22  Will HolleyPrehashed pw (#26) couchdb-3.3.0
2020-02-24  Will HolleyMerge pull request #21 from arnediekmann/sidecar
2020-02-24  Arne DiekmannBump chart version to 3.2.0 21/head couchdb-3.2.0
2020-02-24  Arne DiekmannAdd test config for sidecar containers
2020-02-24  Arne DiekmannAdd whitespace in values.yaml to pass linting
2020-02-20  Arne DiekmannAdd sidecar option to README
2020-02-20  Arne DiekmannAdd support for arbitrary sidecar containers
2020-01-08  Will HolleyFix overwriting createdDate for old chart versions...
2020-01-06  Will HolleyMerge pull request #17 from aikoven/support-configuring...
2020-01-06  aikovenBump chart version 17/head couchdb-3.1.0
2019-12-25  aikovenSupport configuring liveness and readiness probes
2019-11-20  Arne DiekmannRequire a server instance UUID (#15) couchdb-3.0.0
2019-11-01  Will HolleyMerge pull request #8 from arjun-1/bugfix-ingress
2019-11-01  Arjun DhawanBugfix: fixes wrong Values iteration in ingress host 8/head couchdb-2.4.1
2019-10-31  Will HolleyMerge pull request #5 from apache/update-gh-pages
2019-10-31  Will HolleyMerge pull request #2 from apache/port-helm-prs
2019-10-31  Will HolleyBump chart version to 2.4.0 2/head couchdb-2.4.0
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd credits
2019-10-31  Will HolleyUpdate to support kube 1.16 changes
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd optional network policy
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd ServiceAccount support
2019-10-31  Will HolleyInclude pod tolerations in statefulset
2019-10-31  Will HolleyAdd support for pod annotations
2019-10-31  Will HolleyMerge pull request #6 from arjun-1/configurable_path
2019-10-30  Arjun DhawanAdd configurable path 6/head couchdb-2.3.0
2019-10-29  Will HolleySwitch gh-pages to use master/docs 5/head
2019-10-28  Will HolleyMerge pull request #1 from apache/tests
2019-10-28  Will HolleyAddress review comments 1/head couchdb-2.2.0
2019-10-22  Will HolleyMaintain chart repo in master branch
2019-10-17  Will HolleyAdd e2e testing
2019-10-17  Will HolleyAdd GitHub templates
2019-10-16  Will HolleyMove chart to subdirectory
2019-10-09  Will HolleyREADME and LICENSE
2019-10-09  Will HolleyInitial import from