Jiffy 1.1.1
[couchdb-jiffy.git] / c_src /
2020-10-22  Paul J. DavisFix bug in bytes_per_red option
2020-02-27  Paul J. DavisFix binary leak when encoding large strings
2020-02-06  Joan TouzetForce Windows to export inlined functions
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisUse from_array instead of positional versions
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix backwards compatibility
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix R14 support
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix support of VMs pre-17.x
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisUpgrade to double-converson 3.1.4
2019-05-13  John HögbergRemove -fno-strict-aliasing
2019-05-13  John HögbergGet rid of separate unsigned/signed buffers
2019-05-13  John HögbergNever expand the encode buffer; emit and restart
2019-05-13  John HögbergFix erroneous state check in the decoder
2019-05-13  John HögbergMove all atom checks under enif_is_atom
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse the result map for key dedupe
2019-05-13  John HögbergRefactor trapping and trap more often during decode
2019-05-13  John HögbergSkip erroneous UTF-8 validation for atoms
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse enif_is_identical for equality checks
2019-05-13  John HögbergReplace sprintf with a dedicated integer print routine
2019-05-13  John HögbergSkip redundant enif_is_empty_list checks during encode
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse realloc instead of doing it manually
2019-05-13  John HögbergWalk through strings once when encoding
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse an array for the position stack rather than an...
2019-05-13  John Högbergsizeof(char) == 1 by definition
2019-05-13  Jihyun Yufix bug on hex escape table
2019-03-07  David HullFix decoding of "\uDBFF\uDFFF" surrogate pair.
2018-01-05  Lynn Gabbayfixed issue 162 regarding duplicate keys in objects
2017-11-06  Paul J. DavisAdd `copy_strings` feature
2017-10-30  Paul J. DavisAdd `dedupe_keys` option
2017-10-30  David HullTighten string buffer size calculation in enc_string.
2016-07-13  Paul J. DavisFix enc_long for 64-bit Windows
2015-12-02  Paul J. DavisRemove old debug printing 0.14.5
2015-12-02  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #113 from jparise/map-iter-destroy
2015-11-25  Jon PariseDestroy map iterators once we're done with them.
2015-07-25  Paul J. DavisFix compiler warning on gcc 5.1.0 0.14.2
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisRevamp yields back to Erlang
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisAdd new return_trailer option
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #65 from lpgauth/no_native
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisUpdate double-conversion to latest master
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #93 from ratelle/master
2015-07-15  Jeremie Lasalle... Add an option to escape forward slashes
2015-07-15  Jeremie Lasalle... Add an option to control null value decoding atom
2015-05-29  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #92 from emfa/master
2015-05-29  Emil FalkChanged pos to unsigned int to prevent warning from...
2014-11-13  Paul J. DavisAccount for char possibly being unsigned 0.13.3
2014-09-30  Paul J. DavisFix memory leak when encoding bare bignums 0.13.2
2014-08-23  Paul J. DavisPersist the `val` register across yield 0.13.0
2014-08-23  Paul J. DavisImproved encoder errors
2014-08-23  Paul J. DavisTweak the nil encoding logic
2014-08-19  Stanislav VishnevskiyImproved Elixir compatibility 0.12.0
2014-06-20  Paul J. DavisAvoid uint64 for 32bit compatibility 0.11.3
2014-06-16  Paul J. DavisInitial support for the new map type
2014-06-13  Paul J. DavisYield back to Erlang while encoding JSON 0.10.0
2014-06-13  Paul J. DavisYield back to Erlang while decoding JSON
2014-06-13  Paul J. DavisUse a resource for the encoder structure
2014-06-13  Paul J. DavisUse a resource for the decoder structure
2014-04-22  Paul GuyotNoncharacters U+FFFF and U+FFFE are not invalid. 0.9.0
2013-07-02  Nobuhiro IwamatsuAdd check for below array bounds 1843-feature-bigcouch 0.8.5
2013-07-02  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu__GNUC__ is a better choice than __GCC__
2013-07-02  Nobuhiro IwamatsuFix typo in utils.h
2013-06-05  Paul J. DavisPrevent segfaults on unterminated strings 0.8.4
2013-04-24  Paul J. DavisFix compilation on GCC 4.8
2013-02-25  Paul J. DavisBug fix for large doubles with a fraction
2013-02-25  Paul J. DavisCheck in the double-conversion dependency
2013-02-24  Volker MischeEncode floating point numbers as short as possible
2013-01-21  Paul J. DavisNo longer escape forward slashes 0.7.0
2013-01-21  Paul J. DavisRemove stray while loop
2012-06-07  Paul J. DavisFix code reloading for Jiffy 0.5.2
2012-06-07  Paul J. DavisBe paranoid about the values sent to upgrade 0.5.1
2012-06-07  Paul J. DavisFix hot code upgrades 0.5.0
2012-06-05  Paul J. DavisFix compiler warning for gcc 4.4.3 0.4.5
2012-06-01  Paul J. DavisAdd an option to ignore UTF-8 encoding errors 0.4.4
2012-04-25  Dave CottlehuberWindows: MSVC compatibility
2012-04-25  Paul J. DavisFix segfaul when encoding with the uescape option 0.4.2
2012-03-15  Paul J. DavisFix uescapes for combining characters 0.4.1
2012-02-13  Paul J. DavisEnsure that encoded doubles have a decimal point 0.4.0
2012-01-08  Sergey UrbanovichAdd pretty print
2011-10-31  Paul J. DavisRemove trailing whitespace
2011-10-31  Paul J. DavisEnforce Unicode constraints more strictly
2011-08-28  Paul J. DavisFix uescape encoding bug 0.2.0
2011-08-03  Paul J. DavisFixed large number encoding on 32bit architectures
2011-05-28  Paul J. DavisUpdated the allocation scheme in the encoder.
2011-05-28  Paul J. DavisAdd an encoder option to escape unicode.
2011-05-27  Paul J. DavisAPI Change - No more {ok, Value} wrapping.
2011-04-10  Paul J. DavisMark source code with MIT license info.
2011-04-07  Paul J. DavisImprove support for bignums.
2011-04-06  Paul J. DavisSlight comment rewording.
2011-04-05  Paul J. DavisFixed encoder segfault.
2011-04-04  Paul J. DavisFix issues with garbage collection.
2011-04-03  Paul J. DavisInitial import.