Add latest Erlang VMs to the test matrix
[couchdb-jiffy.git] / rebar.config
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #65 from lpgauth/no_native
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisSquash to new double-conversion
2015-02-03  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #78 from tuncer/rebar.config-windows
2015-01-14  Tuncer Ayazrebar.config: fix Windows support (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS)
2014-06-17  Paul J. DavisDisable strict aliasing 0.11.2
2014-06-17  Paul J. DavisUpdate optimization flags
2014-06-16  Paul J. DavisInitial support for the new map type
2014-06-13  Paul J. DavisAllow the use of GDB/LLDB for debugging
2013-03-29  Paul J. DavisMinor change for building on Windows 0.8.3
2013-02-25  Paul J. DavisTurn on compiler optimizations 0.8.2
2013-02-25  Paul J. DavisCheck in the double-conversion dependency
2013-02-24  Volker MischeEncode floating point numbers as short as possible
2013-02-10  Paul J. DavisRemove some old cruft from rebar.config
2012-10-30  Dave CottlehuberAdjust rebar.config to support rebar v2.0 0.6.1
2012-10-29  Paul J. DavisMake PropEr a soft dependency 0.6.0
2012-10-23  Paul J. DavisUse the Git protocol for PropEr
2012-04-25  Benoit ChesneauUpdate rebar and the Makefile 0.4.3
2012-02-25  Paul J. DavisUpdated rebar to latest master
2011-11-14  Paul J. DavisImplement PropEr tests for JSON parsing
2011-04-03  Paul J. DavisInitial import.