2020-01-05  Paul J. DavisMerge remote-tracking branch 'davisp/master' CouchDB-1.0.1-1
2019-05-13  Paul J. Davis1.0.1 1.0.1
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisUse from_array instead of positional versions
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix backwards compatibility
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisRemove accidentally commited rebar state
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix R14 support
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix support of VMs pre-17.x
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisFix support for Erlang 17.x
2019-05-13  Paul J. Davis1.0.0 1.0.0
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisUpdate readme with the exception type change
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisUpgrade to double-converson 3.1.4
2019-05-13  Paul J. DavisChange errors for bignums to be more explicit
2019-05-13  John HögbergRemove -fno-strict-aliasing
2019-05-13  John HögbergGet rid of separate unsigned/signed buffers
2019-05-13  John HögbergNever expand the encode buffer; emit and restart
2019-05-13  John HögbergFix erroneous state check in the decoder
2019-05-13  John HögbergEnable link-time optimization on *nix platforms
2019-05-13  John HögbergMove all atom checks under enif_is_atom
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse the result map for key dedupe
2019-05-13  John HögbergRefactor trapping and trap more often during decode
2019-05-13  John HögbergSkip erroneous UTF-8 validation for atoms
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse enif_is_identical for equality checks
2019-05-13  John HögbergReplace sprintf with a dedicated integer print routine
2019-05-13  John HögbergSkip redundant enif_is_empty_list checks during encode
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse realloc instead of doing it manually
2019-05-13  John HögbergWalk through strings once when encoding
2019-05-13  John HögbergUse an array for the position stack rather than an...
2019-05-13  John Högbergsizeof(char) == 1 by definition
2019-05-13  Paul J. Davis0.15.2
2019-05-13  Eric Meadows... Raise errors instead of throwing
2019-05-13  Andreas KrügerDocumentation improvement decode option copy_strings.
2019-05-13  Jihyun Yufix bug on hex escape table
2019-03-07  David HullFix decoding of "\uDBFF\uDFFF" surrogate pair.
2018-06-25  getongadd test erlang/otp 21
2018-05-11  Martin WisoExplicitly list xmerl for relase to include it
2018-03-08  Paul J. Davis0.15.1 0.15.1
2018-03-08  Sam TavakoliAdd missing option for copy strings
2018-01-05  Paul J. DavisThis is 0.15.0 0.15.0
2018-01-05  Lynn Gabbayfixed issue 162 regarding duplicate keys in objects
2017-11-06  Paul J. DavisAdd `copy_strings` feature
2017-11-01  Paul J. DavisMerge remote-tracking branch 'davisp/master' CouchDB-0.14.13-1
2017-11-01  Paul J. DavisBump to 0.14.13 0.14.13
2017-11-01  Paul J. DavisFix type spec
2017-10-31  Paul J. DavisBump to 0.14.12 0.14.12
2017-10-31  Paul J. DavisAdd tests for deduplication in child objects
2017-10-31  Paul J. DavisDocument dedupe_keys option
2017-10-30  Paul J. DavisMerge remote-tracking branch 'davisp/master' CouchDB-0.14.11-2
2017-10-30  Paul J. DavisAdd `dedupe_keys` option
2017-10-30  David HullTighten string buffer size calculation in enc_string.
2017-08-29  getongtest erlang 20
2017-07-06  Paul J. DavisMerge remote-tracking branch 'davisp/master' CouchDB-0.14.11-1
2017-07-06  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #151 from wohali/win32-cleanup
2017-07-06  Paul J. DavisMerge remote-tracking branch 'davisp/master'
2017-07-06  Paul J. DavisUpdate enc for Windows support
2017-07-06  Joan TouzetCleanup after new enc lands
2017-06-07  Paul J. DavisMerge remote-tracking branch 'davisp/master'
2017-06-07  Paul J. DavisReplace old test case with generated data
2017-03-17  Paul J. DavisSpecify the escript executable for hooks
2016-12-31  Paul J. DavisJiffy 0.14.11 0.14.11
2016-12-31  Paul J. DavisMaintain my own file list for hex
2016-12-29  Paul J. DavisBump to 0.14.10 because rebar3 is inept 0.14.10
2016-12-29  Dan SwainAdd `use_nil` to `encode_option` 0.14.9
2016-10-10  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #118 from davisp/feature-add-rebar3...
2016-09-29  Paul J. DavisAdd support for rebar3
2016-09-29  Paul J. DavisUpdate the list of Erlang VMs to use on Travis-CI
2016-09-29  Paul J. DavisReplace PropEr with EQC
2016-07-14  Paul J. DavisMerge branch 'upstream'
2016-07-13  Paul J. DavisFix enc_long for 64-bit Windows
2016-04-06  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #119 from egobrain/patch-1
2016-04-06  YakovFixed wrong jiffy:decode/2 spec
2016-03-31  Paul J. DavisFix force_utf8 for object keys 0.14.8
2016-01-06  Paul J. DavisCopy double-conversion license to root LICENSE 0.14.7
2016-01-06  Paul J. DavisIgnore hexer.config 0.14.6
2016-01-06  Paul J. DavisUpdate for
2016-01-06  Paul J. DavisRemove ETAP license information
2015-12-02  Paul J. DavisDocument the use_nil option for encoding JSON
2015-12-02  Paul J. DavisRemove old debug printing 0.14.5
2015-12-02  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #113 from jparise/map-iter-destroy
2015-11-25  Jon PariseDestroy map iterators once we're done with them.
2015-10-13  Adam KrupickaFix jiffy:encode Dialyzer spec. 0.14.4
2015-08-31  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #104 from pinotree/hurd
2015-08-31  Paul J. DavisDon't rely on an environment variable for Travis 0.14.3
2015-08-27  Joan TouzetReduce C++ flags to -O2 to fix gcc5 build
2015-08-27  Joan Touzetfix Windows compile options
2015-08-24  Pino Toscanorebar.config: set CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS on Hurd
2015-08-21  Paul J. DavisMerge pull request #103 from vicglarson/master
2015-08-20  Victor GalkinFix win32 build
2015-07-28  Alexander ShorinMerge branch 'upstream-merge'
2015-07-25  Paul J. DavisFix compiler warning on gcc 5.1.0 0.14.2
2015-07-25  Alexander ShorinRemove travis notification 2/head
2015-07-25  Alexander ShorinRemove related path to rebar
2015-07-25  Alexander ShorinMerge branch 'upstream' into upstream-merge
2015-07-17  Paul J. DavisAdd latest Erlang VMs to the test matrix upstream 0.14.1
2015-07-17  Paul J. DavisRemove flaky test case
2015-07-17  Paul J. DavisFix map type spec
2015-07-17  Paul J. DavisAdd map typespec for dialyzer
2015-07-17  Paul J. DavisStrings can be atoms or binaries
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisFix dialyzer type specs 0.14.0
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisRevamp yields back to Erlang
2015-07-15  Paul J. DavisAdd new return_trailer option