fix: remove legacy CI reporting endpoint
[couchdb-lager.git] / .travis.yml
2021-01-06  Jan Lehnardtfix: remove legacy CI reporting endpoint master
2013-03-22  Andrew ThompsonMerge pull request #120 from basho/adt-msg-has-datetime 2.0.0rc1
2013-03-19  Andrew ThompsonTell travis to test R15B03 and R16B as well
2012-08-28  Andrew ThompsonMerge pull request #53 from basho/edoc-add
2012-08-22  Dave ParfittMerge pull request #56 from devinus/truncation-size
2012-07-02  Sean CribbsAdd chat bot notification.
2012-06-26  Sean CribbsMerge pull request #61 from basho/add-travis-ci
2012-06-26  Sean CribbsAdd Travis CI hook and build status.