fix: remove legacy CI reporting endpoint
[couchdb-lager.git] / Makefile
2014-02-06  Andrew ThompsonMerge pull request #170 from MaximMinin/master
2014-01-14  Andrew ThompsonMerge pull request #187 from basho/adt-dialyzer-mad...
2014-01-14  Andrew ThompsonRefactor into
2014-01-14  Andrew ThompsonRework how dialyzer PLTs are built and used
2014-01-14  Andrew ThompsonMerge pull request #186 from basho/feature/variable...
2014-01-07  Reid DraperUpdate PHONY Makefile target
2014-01-04  Reid DraperAllow PLT destination to be specified
2013-04-19  Andrew ThompsonMerge branch 'DeadZen-dz-event-stream-processing'
2013-04-19  Andrew ThompsonMerge branch 'dz-event-stream-processing' of git:/...
2013-04-09  Pedram NimreeziImplement event stream processing
2012-12-13  Andrew ThompsonMerge branch 'adt-application-metadata'
2012-12-13  Andrew ThompsonMerge branch 'adt-syslog-comparison-flags'
2012-12-12  Andrew ThompsonMerge branch 'adt-ets-config'
2012-11-14  Andrew ThompsonReplace mochiglobal with a public ETS table
2012-09-28  Andrew ThompsonMerge pull request #74 from basho/adt-tensorwrench...
2012-08-28  Andrew ThompsonStricter dialyzer options
2012-03-31  Andrew ThompsonChanges suggested by Kostis, Dialyzer -Wunmatched_retur...
2011-08-18  Andrew ThompsonMerge branch 'adt-improve-test-coverage'
2011-08-18  Andrew ThompsonTest also calls compile
2011-07-13  Andrew ThompsonRemove more unused things from the Makefile
2011-07-13  Andrew ThompsonRemove needless targets from Makefile
2011-06-24  Andrew ThompsonUpdate build scripts; add riak_err as a dep
2011-06-24  Andrew ThompsonInitial import