Fix typos
[couchdb-meck.git] / test / meck_tests.erl
2021-10-02  Kian-Meng, AngFix typos main
2021-08-25  Per GustafssonFix calling mocked modules from expectation fun.
2021-03-25  Zsolt LakyLeave module loaded state as it was upstream
2021-01-20  Zsolt LakyChange order when adding new clauses
2020-05-14  Adam LindbergUse compatible stack trace handling
2020-05-13  Filipe CristovaoAdd introspection of which modules are currently mocked
2019-03-21  Francois Brodeur Validate the options being passed to meck:new (#204)
2018-12-30  Adam LindbergFix nofile errors caused by incorrect file lookup
2018-10-08  Adam LindbergRemove compatibility for R15 and R16
2018-05-03  Adam LindbergAdd module name to module_is_sticky error
2018-05-03  Adam LindbergRaise error for passthrough without abstract code
2018-01-22  Brujo BenavidesAdd meck:expects/1,2 to list mocked functions
2017-08-29  Adam LindbergUpdate copyright notices
2017-06-28  Adam LindbergMigrate to Rebar 3
2017-06-28  Adam LindbergRemove usage of -compile(export_all)
2017-02-13  Adam LindbergAdd call to stacktrace when missing (fix #167)
2016-06-28  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #162 from yutopp/support_passthrough...
2016-06-27  yutoppFix #88
2015-11-09  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #153 from edgurgel/add-merge-expects...
2015-11-09  Eduardo GurgelAdd merge_expects option to meck_proc
2015-08-22  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #150 from dszoboszlay/bug/unload...
2015-08-21  Dániel SzoboszlayTests for a race condition between meck:unload/1 and...
2015-06-09  Adam LindbergFix #114
2014-08-26  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #128 from hazardfn/variable-exported...
2014-08-26  Howard Beard-MarloweFix variable exported from case
2014-05-05  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #122 from myers/erlang-17-travis
2014-03-31  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #118 from myers/erlang-17
2014-03-21  Myers CarpenterFix cover_empty_compile_opts regex
2014-03-14  Adam LindbergFix changed cover compile opts on R16B03+
2014-03-14  Adam LindbergRevert "Make test pass on R16B03+"
2014-03-14  Adam LindbergRemove printout
2014-03-14  Adam LindbergMake test pass on R16B03+
2013-11-12  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #113 from lucafavatella/feature...
2013-11-11  Luca FavatellaDo not consider a 3-tuple return value as an exception
2013-08-17  Adam LindbergCompact case statement
2013-08-17  Adam LindbergMerge branch 'robust_remote_setup' of
2013-08-17  Adam LindbergMerge branch 'develop'
2013-08-17  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #99 from horkhe/feature/wait
2013-08-14  ilja.bobkevicMake remote_setup more robust
2013-06-09  Maxim VladimirskyAddress code inspection comments:
2013-05-26  Maxim VladimirskyImplement `wait for a number of calls` feature (Fixes...
2013-04-24  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #104 from horkhe/feature/implicit-new
2013-04-22  Maxim VladimirskyImplement 'implicit new' feature #80
2013-03-31  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #97 from horkhe/feature/capture
2013-03-31  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #102 from campanja/expect-improper...
2013-03-27  Andreas AmseniusFix opaque check for improper lists mock data
2013-03-03  Maxim VladimirskyBroaden the notion of `args_spec()`
2013-02-13  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #96 from horkhe/develop
2013-02-07  Maxim VladimirskyClean empty lines
2013-02-07  Maxim VladimirskyMake `undefined_module` error contain module name
2013-02-06  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #95 from norton/norton-develop
2013-02-06  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #89 from horkhe/develop
2013-01-27  Joseph Wayne NortonRemove parametrized module test
2012-12-30  Maxim VladimirskyAdd support for matchers in meck:called and meck:num_calls
2012-12-30  Maxim VladimirskyIntroduce support for matchers in expectations
2012-11-04  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #82 from horkhe/feature/mock_proc
2012-10-28  Maxim VladimirskyAddress some code inspection comments:
2012-10-25  Maxim VladimirskyCode split up draft
2012-10-24  Maxim VladimirskyRefactor the solution
2012-10-24  Adam LindbergChange from generator to real test
2012-10-24  Magnus Klaardon't log calls made during recompilation
2012-10-24  Magnus KlaarAdd test for meck:expect on file module
2012-10-24  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #78 from horkhe/feature/stub-all
2012-10-23  Maxim VladimirskyFix {stub_all, undefined} and {stub_all, true} cases
2012-10-22  Maxim VladimirskyAddress code inspection comments
2012-10-12  Maxim VladimirskyIntroduce 'stub_all' option
2012-10-11  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #75 from horkhe/feature/honest-mock
2012-10-08  Maxim VladimirskyAddress the code inspection comments
2012-10-07  Maxim VladimirskyMake mocks "honest" by default
2012-10-07  Maxim VladimirskyIntroduce honest mocks
2012-09-18  Adam LindbergFix line width issues
2012-09-17  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #74 from horkhe/feature/new-exceptio...
2012-09-11  Maxim VladimirskyIntroduce exceptions in sequences
2012-09-10  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #73 from horkhe/feature/args-filter
2012-09-04  Maxim VladimirskyAdd unit test covering invalid expect call
2012-09-03  Maxim VladimirskyThrow invalid_arity if multi-clause expectation is...
2012-08-06  Maxim VladimirskyRaise function_clause in case of missing args pattern
2012-08-06  Maxim VladimirskyChange internal data representation
2012-08-01  Adam LindbergAllow using return value from passthrough/1
2012-06-20  Maxim VladimirskyIntroduce meck:reset/1 function to erase call history.
2012-05-23  Adam LindbergTest for reference detection in opaque terms
2012-05-17  Martynas PumputisAdd module attributes to forms
2012-02-28  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #56 from rzezeski/rz-passthrough...
2012-02-27  Ryan ZezeskiRecord cover data on passtrhough calls
2012-01-22  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #55 from shino/parametrized-module
2012-01-22  Shunichi ShinoharaAdd unit tests of parametrized module mocking
2012-01-12  Adam LindbergFix indentation
2012-01-12  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #52 from bjnortier/R15B
2012-01-06  Benjamin NortierSupport for location included in stack traces in Erlang R15
2011-10-13  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #44 from daha/fully-qualified-funs...
2011-10-13  David HaglundMaking all the test funs in the foreach in meck_test_...
2011-10-13  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #43 from daha/improved-tests-with...
2011-10-13  Adam LindbergMerge pull request #42 from daha/verify-history2-return...
2011-10-12  David HaglundFix for the test history_by_pid_/1
2011-10-12  David HaglundAdded an ok in the end of the tests that use a helper...
2011-10-12  David HaglundVerify that history/2 returns the events in the correct...
2011-10-12  Adam LindbergAdd identity tests and live up to promises
2011-10-12  Adam LindbergMove Pid argument last
2011-10-12  Adam LindbergAdd caller pid to normal history
2011-10-12  Adam LindbergRename count_calls/3+4 to num_calls