Handle the #doc_info case in changes_enumerator
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2014-01-17  Robert NewsonFix up copyright headers
2010-12-21  Adam KocoloskiRemove trailing whitespace
2010-08-27  Adam KocoloskiApache 2 license, Cloudant copyright when appropriate
2010-08-12  Adam Kocoloskithank you dialyzer
2010-08-12  Adam Kocoloskimore cleanup of the includes
2010-08-12  Adam Kocoloskiupdate include path for couch_db.hrl
2010-08-12  Adam Kocoloskimega refactoring of mem3
2010-08-12  Adam Kocoloskistandardize mem3 naming. app is horribly broken for now
2010-08-12  Brad Andersonpatch up bugzid 10333, a cast on nodeup now sends gossi...
2010-05-28  Brad Andersonbegin move of dynomite to membership
2010-05-28  Brad Andersonremove dynomite cruft
2010-05-27  Adam Kocoloskiopen_doc call in fabric
2010-05-27  Adam Kocoloskireplace #part with #shard
2010-05-26  Brad Andersonchange {N,P} fullmap over to #part{} record for future...
2010-05-25  Brad Andersonall_databases now working with/without Customer param...
2010-05-14  Brad Andersonremoving more of dynomite deps from mem3
2010-05-10  Brad Andersondang, large commit.
2010-05-10  Brad Andersonreworking gossip, BugzID 10069
2010-05-10  Brad Andersonnot using 'cache' field in #mem, now that we're using...
2010-05-10  Brad Andersonchange ets to cache in mem3
2010-05-10  Brad Andersonstore Args in mem State, instead of just 'test', and...
2010-05-10  Brad Andersonmore work on mem3 init, handling different types of...
2010-05-10  Brad Andersonnew skeleton membership module for mem3
2010-02-22  Joemerge attempt #1